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Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass (September 2023): All Rewards, Prices, More

This guide will discuss the details of the Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass, including the rewards available and dates you should be aware of.
Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass (September 2023): All Rewards, Prices, More

Street Fighter 6 was released not long ago and unlike previous Street Fighter games, it includes its very own take on the live service 'Battle Pass' feature. This pass brings tons of new content to the game, including various cosmetics, items, rewards, and more. By accumulating Kudos, which are earned through gameplay with fighters, you can level up your pass and unlock rewards. As with many games, it has a free track and a paid-for track that offers more content to unlock. But obviously at a price. 

To help you wrap your head around this 'fighter pass' and know what you're working towards, we're breaking down everything you need to know below. We'll detail all the items and rewards currently up for grabs, as well as all the details you need to know on when the Fighter Pass starts and ends.

12 September 2023 - Page updated with the latest news and information.

Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass Price

Before we tell you what you can earn, and when the next Fighter Pass begins, it's important we first cover exactly how much it costs. As mentioned, the pass consists of both free and premium tracks for you to unlock as you play. The free rewards include Fighter Rental tokens (useful for future DLC characters), various cosmetic items, and much more. While The premium track costs 250 Fighter Coins, which amounts to roughly $4.99/£3.99.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass - Start & End Time

The current Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass is called 'A.K.I Arrives'.

This Fighter Pass started on 3 September 2023 and will end on 21 September 2023 at 23.59 PTD. After this time has elapsed it will be replaced by a new Fighter Pass.

The countdown clock below shows you how long the current Fighting Pass has left before it is no longer valid.

When Does The Current Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass End
9 days, 19:24:07
Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass Dates and details
Accumulate enough Kudos during the designated period and your tier will go up, unlocking various rewards.

Street Fighter 6 A.K.I Fighter Pass Reward & Tiers

Below, we've listed all the rewards and tiers for both the free and paid track of the Fighter Pass. Please make note of the amount of Kudos that you'll need to reach each tier, so if you need some help, be sure to take part in the weekly and monthly challenges as well as the Lucky Day event and others to stock up on Kudos.

Tier Kudos Free Tier Reward Premium Tier Reward
1 0 None  SonSon arcade classic
2 500 Rental Fighter ticket  Toxin Slinger's Sunglasses item
3 1000 Rental Fighter ticket F.A.N.G sticker
4 1500 None  Twisted Toxic Flower title
5 2000  A.K.I. sticker F.A.N.G SF5 theme
6 2500 None Elegant Poison Dress item 
7 3000 None Master!! Hehe... frame 
8 3500  You're Mine device background Sneering Snake title
9 4000  None A.K.I. sticker
10 4500 None Toxic Bloom Earrings item 
11 5000  Chinese Pattern frame  Vega SF5 theme
12 5500  None  Kenpo Dance action
13 6000  None  Snake sticker
14 6500  Ephemeral Soul title  Toxin Slinger's Hat item
15 7000 None  Toxic Blossom device background 
16 7500  None  A.K.I. sticker
17 8000  Running Man avatar action  M. Bison SF5 theme
18 8500  None  F.A.N.G sticker
19 9000  None Anti-Poison Mask
20 9500  Toxic Bloom Earrings alpha item  Beneath Beauty Lies Blight title
21 10000 None Fighter Coins x 10
22 10500 None Fighter Coins x 10
23 11000 None Fighter Coins x 10
24 11500 None Fighter Coins x 10
25 12000 None Fighter Coins x 10
26 12500 None Fighter Coins x 10
27 13000 None Fighter Coins x 20
28 13500 None Fighter Coins x 20
29 14000 None Fighter Coins x 50
30 14500 None Fighter Coins x 100


As always, we'll update this table with the latest information accordingly as it becomes available. And of course, we'll update this entire listing as new Fighter Passes are released, so be sure to check back here soon.