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Fort Solis: How Long It Takes To Beat?

Here's how long it takes to finish the story in Fort Solis.
Fort Solis: How Long It Takes To Beat?
Dear Village

Are you wondering how long it takes to beat Fort Solis? If you didn't know, Fort Solis is an interactive sci-fi thriller game featuring Robert Clarke, Julia Brown, and Troy Baker in the lead roles. It features linear, exploration-based gameplay, with a few QTEs tucked in between. 

With big game releases becoming a norm, it's rare to find an AAA-quality video game that offers a more condensed experience. Fortunately, Fort Solis is that game. But how long does it exactly take to beat this game?

Fort Solis Game Length Explained


It could take somewhere between 4-5 hours to beat Fort Solis, depending on how many optional objects you interact with and how much time you scrutinize every little detail in the world.

There are four chapters in Fort Solis, each approximately an hour long. Dear Villagers, the studio behind Fort Solis, describes it as a Netflix series, which you can finish in a single sitting or play one chapter at a time.

In our Fort Solis review, we mentioned that its "story and writing don't quite match the potential of its star-studded cast and its incredible atmosphere." However, it's still a decent game that you may want to try, especially if you're a fan of its cast. 

 The pricing and length of the game could also be a huge factor for some, which is why we thought it's important to point out that Fort Solis isn't a 60$ game and instead costs $34. 

Fort Solis is now available on PC and PS5.