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Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Wireless Controller: Release, pricing and more

The Ultimate Horizon experience awaits players with the limited edition Xbox controller.
Xbox Game Studios have been hard at work gearing up for the release of the racing game, Forza Horizon 5, next month. As we anticipate arriving at the next destination of the Horizon Festival in Mexico, Microsoft has given us another way to drive to the Horizon Festival in style.

During the Gamescom livestream in August, the company unveiled the brightly coloured Limited Edition Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Wireless Controller. We break down everything you need to know about this exclusive controller from release date and time to features and more.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller release date and time

According to Creative Director for Playground Games, Mike Brown in an Xbox Wire post, the Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller will be available on 9th November 2021. Available on the same day as the game’s global release date, pre-orders are still available for players who wish to get their hands on this festive controller.

forza horizon 5 horizon festival mexico fireworks preorders
Pre-orders for the Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Wireless Controller is still available. (Picture: Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios)

If players pre-order the Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, it will also include an exclusive DLC containing the Forza Edition vehicle, a cosmetic item and a victory emote. To access the DLC content, players are required to own a copy of Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller features

In the abovementioned Xbox Wire post, the controller will bear a striking transparent yellow shell with a blue and pink paint splatter and a visible motor sporting a custom colour finish. The splattered design also covers the controller’s face buttons, thumbsticks, D-pad and triggers. 

forza horizon 5 xbox wireless controller yellow blue pink paint splatter design front back view
Celebrate your Horizon victory in style with the limited edition Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Wireless Controller. (Picture: Microsoft)

Featuring textured rubber grips on the controller’s triggers and bumpers, it also sports a custom button and perforated patterned grips inspired by the high-performance steering wheel. The controller also comes with glow effects that play on the Xbox Home button.

forza horizon 5 limited edition xbox wireless controller textured grips triggers bumpers blue white colours
The limited controller sports a Horizon-worthy colour scheme and textured grips on the controller's triggers and bumpers. (Picture: Microsoft)

Compatibility wise, players can pair it up with their Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles as well as PC and Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller pricing

The Microsoft Store has listed the pricing for the Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller at $74.99. If players directly order the controller from the Microsoft Store, shipping of the controller will come at no additional cost.

Forza Horizon 5 arrives on 9th November 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles as well as PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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Featured image courtesy of Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios.