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Fractured Online Early Access Launch Time & Date

Find the exact date and time that Fractured Online launches into Early Access on Steam.
Fractured Online Early Access Launch Time & Date

Developed by Dynamight Studios and publisher Gamigo US, Fractured Online is dubbed the "first truly dynamic MMORPG," and it looks like an exciting title. Gamers will, therefore, probably want to know the exact launch time and date for Fractured Online's Early Access period on Steam.

This article pinpoints the exact Fractured Online launch date and time, alongside what you can expect when the servers come online.

Fractured Online Launch Time & Date - Early Access

Fractured Online early access launch time date release steam when does PC
PC gamers will soon be able to explore the vast worlds of Fractured Online and make their mark. (Picture: Gamigo US)

First and foremost, Fractured Online's Early Access period is just for those who have purchased one of the four Founder's Packs

If for some reason, you can't log in following the launch time and date, then we suggest you check Fractured Online's server status

For those in Europe, Fractured Online's launch date and time is 15th September 2022 at 16:00 CEST. Those in the US can expect the servers to come online at 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST on 15th September, depending on their location.

As with all online games, issues such as server crashes, unexpected maintenance, and more might occur. It is important to note that from the Closed Beta to Early Access, there will also be some new content in the form of the "Rise of the Guardians of Nature” update. 

Fractured Online early access launch time date release steam when does PC
Get ready for the Early Access launch of Fractured Online. (Picture: Gamigo US)

So why Early Access and not a full launch, following the extensive Closed Beta period? The developers explain: "As a truly dynamic MMO, Fractured Online is shaped by its players.

"You build the cities, you grow the empires, you write the stories. It only makes sense that you are also involved in the development and help us battle-test the underlying systems, balance, and stability."

The developers are working on additional crafting professions, more endgame events, and implementing PvP/PvE-Models for all three races.

Fractured Online early access launch time date release steam when does PC
Take on daunting foes in Fractured Online once the servers come online. (Picture: Gamigo US)

We can expect a full release of Fractured Online in "Early 2023", with no exact release date provided. Remember, this game is still in Early Access, so keep that in mind when throwing out Steam reviews.

There will likely be some bugs and maybe even server teething issues, but Fractured Online's mechanics look solid and very intriguing. 

Got no clue what Fractured Online is? Well, check out an official video by the developers below explaining how the game works and its systems/features.

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Featured image courtesy of Gamigo US.