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Tron: Identity - Release Date, Gameplay, Features & PC System Specs

Tron: Identity is an upcoming game from Disney's TRON franchise. Here's when it releases, gameplay, features, and PC system specs.
Tron: Identity - Release Date, Gameplay, Features & PC System Specs

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase took place on 9th September 2022 and detailed several major announcements, including multiple upcoming release titles from the Disney franchise. Among the slew of games revealed was Tron: Identity, a new upcoming game expanded from the TRON universe, developed and published by Bithell Games.

Described as a visual novel adventure game, players will follow a detective known as Query to uncover the truth of "an unprecedented crime." Here's everything you need to know about Tron: Identity, including its expected release date, platforms, gameplay, and PC system requirements.

TRON: Identity - Release Date

when does tron identity release date
Tron: Identity is planned to release in 2023. (Picture: Bithell Games)

TRON: Identity is expected to release in 2023 on Steam. Beyond this, an exact launch date has not been revealed. The trailer only confirmed a PC release via Steam, with no word if the game will also release on consoles.

TRON: Identity - Gameplay and Features

tron identity gameplay and features
Tron: Identity has multiple endings for players to explore. (Picture: Bithell Games)

According to the game's official Steam page, TRON: Identity will see players enter a new Grid to uncover one of several endings. The game comprises a narrative-based visual novel style whereby players can forge alliances and uncover secrets by solving Identity Disc puzzles as they plot their course.

Playing as Query, a detective program tasked with uncovering the mystery of an unprecedented crime. As a result, players must "question suspects and investigate the surroundings to piece together the truth," ultimately bringing the guilty party to justice.

tron identity gameplay
The Repository stands at the center of this society. (Picture: Bithell Games)

Players are warned that their actions will have consequences, with each decision actively altering the course of the TRON: Identity's story. "You’ll interact with a number of intriguing characters and decide whether to ally with them, spurn them, or even derezz them."


  • An extension of the TRON franchise - Unlock a never-before-seen server filled with new, original programs to join forces with or oppose.
  • Beautiful, hand-crafted character art - Watch the story come to life through detailed, uniquely designed characters.
  • Rich world-building and storytelling - In a brand-new Grid with its own nuanced structure, there is much to discover about the programs and places around you.
  • Reveal memories - The truth of the case is hidden in the Identity Discs of those around you. Defrag their Discs to navigate the complex path to a solution in these unique puzzles.
  • One mystery, many endings - Your choices will determine the outcome you see, with a protagonist that lets you take the reins and doesn’t corner you into one approach.

TRON: Identity - PC System Requirements

Fortunately, Tron: Identity will run perfectly on nearly any modern computer, thanks to relatively modest PC system requirements. The official specs detail that players have at least a 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB RAM. No dedicated graphics card is required. Moreover, Tron: Identity only requires 3 GB of available storage space.

That's everything you need to know. Tron: Identity releases sometime in 2023 on Steam for PC.

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Featured image courtesy of Bithell Games.