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How to find Frozen Flame in God of War

Upgrading Kratos’ Leviathan Axe in God of War requires one special resource called Frozen Flame that players need to find.
How to find Frozen Flame in God of War

When you want to upgrade Kratos’ Leviathan Axe in God of War, you’ll often be missing one crucial resource. That resource is Frozen Flame, which is considered a rare item that’s only obtainable through fighting difficult bosses. Luckily, you don’t need to upgrade Kratos’ Leviathan Axe too often to still beat down enemies and progress through the lengthy story

Of course, you still want to be able to upgrade it a few times. In God of War, there are four chances to acquire Frozen Flame, which lets you upgrade the axe at either Brock or Sindri’s shop. Below, you can see exactly where you can find Frozen Flames across the Norse realms.

Finding Frozen Flame in God of War 

There are three Frozen Flames that you can acquire by simply beating difficult bosses throughout the story of God of War. Those three encounters are found below: 

  • The Ogre in The Foothills

  • Járn Fótr 

  • Magni and Modi 

After defeating these three bosses, they will drop a Frozen Flame for you to pick up. That’s important to remember, as if you forget to pick up what the bosses drop, you won’t be able to later return for it in some cases. Just hover over the items they drop and press the interact keybind to add the items to your inventory. 

How to get Frozen Flame in God of War
The Leviathan Axe is your main weapon with Kratos. (Picture: Sony)

If you need another Frozen Flame, you can get one in Nilfheim.

To get this Frozen Flame, you need to exchange 5,000 Mist Echoes, which only appear on the map after you escape Ivaldi’s Workshop.

Once you find 5,000 Mist Echoes, you can turn them into either Brock or Sindri and get a Frozen Flame in return. 

You can also use the Mist Echoes to create high-level armour sets. Finding 5,000 of them, or more if you want the armour sets, will take quite a bit of time.

How to get Frozen Flame in God of War
Mist Echoes are only found in Nilfheim under a time trial. (Picture: Sony)

While the Echoes do come in clumps, collecting thousands of them is no easy task. However, the reward is worth it for an upgrade to your Leviathan Axe and one of the best armour sets in God of War. 

Those are the only ways to acquire Frozen Flames in God of War. The items are among the rarest in the game, but it’s designed this way, so you can’t continually upgrade the Leviathan Axe every time you enter a new realm. 


Featured image courtesy of Sony.