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Games with Gold July 2021 free games - Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3 and more

Microsoft has revealed the free games lineup for Xbox gamers to sink their teeth into in Games with Gold July 2021, including Planet Alpha and more.
Games with Gold July 2021 free games - Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3 and more
It is no secret that with Xbox Game Pass offering such an amazing lineup of titles, Microsoft's free Games with Gold lineup can be lacking at times. For July 2021, the Games with Gold lineup is yet again a bit of a mixed bag, with nothing really jumping out as a massive win for Xbox Live subscribers. With that being said, we do still get four games for free, so there's nothing to really complain about. Here's what you need to know about the Xbox Games with Gold July 2021 free games lineup.

Games with Gold July free games

Those with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as Live is included) can claim a total of four free games in July 2021.

Two of these free games are for Xbox One / Xbox Series consoles, and the other two are oldies for Xbox 360, which those on current-gen consoles can still play via Backwards Compatibility. 

Microsoft claims these free games are worth $79.96. 

The entire batch doesn't release all at once. Check out the release schedule as well as links to the Microsoft Store page below.

Games with Gold May 2021:

Planet Alpha and Rock of Ages: Make & Break are the headline titles, as both are Xbox One releases you can play on Xbox Series X/S as well.

What is Planet Alpha?

Survive a strange planet filled with danger and mystery. Marooned and alone, venture across the beautiful foreign land and unlock its many hidden secrets. With relentless enemies pursuing you, harness the power of night and day in your fight to stay alive in this alien world.

Xbox Games with gold July 2021 free games lineup planet alpha
(Picture: Team17)

What is Rock of Ages: Make & Break?

Jump into a sprawling, gut-busting story featuring bizarre and absurd takes on legendary characters. Design, build, and share your custom levels with friends in this Monty Python-esque tower defence and arcade game.

Games with gold July 2021 free games lineup rock of ages
(Picture: Giant Monkey Robot)

What is Conker: Live & Reloaded?

Back with a hangover and a heavy dose of attitude, play gaming’s notorious squirrel, Conker, through a raunchy world full of twisted characters, innuendos, and outrageous movie parodies.

Conker live and reloaded free games Xbox Games with Gold july 2021 lineup
(Picture: Xbox Game Studios)

What is Midway Arcade Origins?

With more than 30 timeless entries from the golden age of arcade gaming, relive your childhood or discover classic games for the first time, such as Defender, Gauntlet, Rampart, and more. No quarters needed to play!

Xbox free games with gold lineup july 2021
(Picture: Warner Bros.)

So there you have it, the full Games with Gold July 2021 free games lineup. 

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