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GhostWire Tokyo release date confirmed; gameplay details leaked

PlayStation confirms GhostWire Tokyo release date ahead of its gameplay showcase.
GhostWire Tokyo release date confirmed; gameplay details leaked

Tango GameWorks' upcoming spooky action-adventure title GhostWire: Tokyo has been shrouded in mystery for quite a long time now. While a 2-minute long gameplay trailer at PlayStation 2021 showcase shed more light on the game's protagonist and his Kuji-Kiri inspired magic abilities, the antagonist wearing the Hannya mask, and the glistening Tokyo metropolis, other details such as the release date remains under wrap.

Initially planned to release in the October of 2021, GhostWire: Tokyo got pushed to early 2022, with the ongoing pandemic being the main reason for this big delay. Since then, the studio has been incredibly quiet, leading many to wonder whether another delay is up on the horizon. Thankfully, PlayStation has now confirmed the release date of GhostWire: Tokyo, which is much sooner than you think.

GhostWire: Tokyo release date

GhostWire Tokyo release date confirmed; gameplay details leaked
GhostWire Tokyo puts you in the shoes of Akito, a demon hunter. ( Picture: Bethesda)

Sony and Bethesda took to social media to confirm a GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay showcase planned for 4th February. While the post doesn't confirm the game's much-anticipated release date, the description in the scheduled video on PlayStation's official Youtube channel blatantly confirms a 25th March 2022 release date.


This info comes just days after the PlayStation store listed GhostWire: Tokyo's release date as 24th March 2022. Interestingly, there is also a GhostWire: Tokyo preview leak from Rock Paper Shotgun posted on resetera scheduled to go live on 4th February. It seems the previews will go live right after the new gameplay showcase is premiered. For those who can't wait to find out more about GhostWire: Tokyo ahead of the previews, fret not because we have all the juicy details that leaked earlier this week.

GhostWire: Tokyo new gameplay details

GhostWire Tokyo release date confirmed; gameplay details leaked
GhostWire: Tokyo’s combat is described as "karate meets magic.” (Picture: resetera)

In GhostWire: Tokyo, you play as Akito, a man possessed by the spirit of a demon hunter, who hunts youkai spirits all across Tokyo. Akito uses a special fighting technique called "weaving," which allows him to fuse various spiritual energies to inflict elemental damage.

Akito's objective includes capturing wandering spirits and restoring their human form, which he does by placing them in katashiro dolls and sending them out of the city by payphones. 

Boss battles were a major centre of attention in The Evil Within games, and it seems they will be returning in GhostWire: Tokyo. For a more detailed description of all the leaked story and gameplay details, you can check the translated version of it here.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda