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GIVEAWAY Part 3! Watch new #Crossfeed and win £60 worth of Steam vouchers

Instead of pranks, we give you the best moments that happened in esports and gaming, along with another giveaway.

It's April Fool's Day and the Internet has given us plenty of laughs and jokes. We couldn't resist but capture all of that in the latest #CrossFeed episode. 


Giveaway (NOT an April Fool's joke!)

We are back with our giveaway and we want you to tell us: Did you enjoy this episode of #CrossFeed? Did we miss anything? 

Leave a comment below the article with your favourite recent moment that happened in esports, gaming or on stream, OR tell us which segment from the #CrossFeed episode you liked most and why.

You can share a link to your highlight or describe the event that happened below. 

As a thank you, we will giveaway £20 Steam vouchers to three lucky winners! Please leave a comment by the end of Friday 3rd April to enter the giveaway before the next episode of #CrossFeed.

Good luck! In the meantime, why don't you check out previous #CrossFeed episodes to stay up with the latest news?

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