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Goat Simulator 3 Ad Uses Leaked GTA 6 Footage, Gets Taken Down (Obviously)

Goat Simulator 3's developers are in hot water after an advert was taken down for containing leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage.
Goat Simulator 3 Ad Uses Leaked GTA 6 Footage, Gets Taken Down (Obviously)

Coffee Stain Studio's Goat Simulator is known for being a goofy game, allowing players to take on the role of a chaotic goat who can lick, jump, fly, and bounce its way around the world while causing destruction. The game has taken off online in the past few years, with tons of YouTubers and streamers hopping on the bandwagon.

Developers released the third game in the franchise last month, and the Goat Simulator 3 team is celebrating with some brand new adverts that are just as goofy as the game itself - some of which apparently contained leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage from Take-Two.

The use of the copyrighted and leaked gameplay has not only caused a ton of controversy online but even caught the eye of GTA 6's developers, who took immediate action in response to the developers' tongue-in-cheek ad.

Goat Simulator 3 Ad Taken Down After GTA 6 Copyright Claim

goat simulator grand theft auto 6
Goat Simulator is known for its silly atmosphere, but developers may have been the ones to goof up in real life this time by including leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage in an advert. (Picture: Coffee Stain Studios)

The Goat Simuator 3 advert, which has since been removed from Twitter because of Take-Two's DMCA takedown request (unsurprisingly), featured an NPC who talked in an interview-style format about his experiences as an NPC. Shaun talks about how you can even find him in Grand Theft Auto 6 as the leaked gameplay clip plays in the background.

"You can even see me in some footage that was leaked a couple months ago," he explains as the video shifts to a clip of the Shaun NPC in the Grand Theft Auto 6 clip.

The Goat Simulator 3 ad using GTA 6 footage was published on the official Goat Simulator Twitter account on 19th December 2022. 

The advert comes just a few months after a leaker published tons of private information online about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, even going so far as to include gameplay videos. The leaks gained tons of traction online, despite Take-Two issuing copyright strikes left and right to rid the internet of the unreleased content.

Though the mention of Grand Theft Auto was brief and the advert only showcases a few seconds of gameplay, it makes sense that the video was promptly removed from Twitter, since Take-Two has been vigilant about removing Grant Theft Auto 6 leaks since they first surfaced online earlier this year. The seventeen-year-old who was allegedly responsible for hacking Take-Two's servers and leaking the Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay has since been arrested.