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God of War devs encourages PC players to use mods

Santa Monica Studios' Cory Barlog and Matt DeWald recently commented on the idea of bringing mod support to God of War's PC port.
God of War devs encourages PC players to use mods

God of War is arriving on PC four years following its console release as players are excited to be sharpening their Leviathan Axe once again. The game's PC port was first announced via the PlayStation Blog in October 2021, following rumours and speculation that developer, Santa Monica Studios, are bringing their critically acclaimed game to PC.

God of War's PC release is a massive deal as Sony has been working on bringing their exclusive and premium games to PC. As we are hours away from the game's release, a recent interview provided some interesting information regarding modding support for God of War.

God of War devs encourage modding

In an interview for Game Informer, God of War director Cory Barlog and Senior Manager of Technical Production Matt DeWald discussed the game's release on PC. During the interview, the question of mods for God of War sparked a compelling conversation with Barlog and DeWald.

Barlog and DeWald are massive supporters of the modding community and they're encouraging modding for God of War. Barlog has stated that he generally play games on PC modded if they are available.

"I think it's cool. It's fun. One of the cool parts of playing PC games is the feeling that other people can add something to it or improve upon it and enhance your experience."

god of war pc god of war pc mods
God of War director Cory Barlog commented on the rise of mods for the game that has surfaced online. (Picture: Santa Monica Studios)

DeWald commented that while it will be "interesting" to see what modders will create for God of War, he encourages modders to "put together" something for the game.

"We didn't add modding support. It's not something we developed time to create tools. Everything we have is custom, so it's really hard to build some of that stuff. But I'm sure some very smart people out there are going to do some very cool things, and we'll see what comes of it."

god of war pc god of war pc mods god of war modding support
God of War releases on PC without any modding support according to the developers. (Picture: Santa Monica Studios)

While it is pretty unfortunate that God of War's PC port won't allow modding, it is something that the developer is thinking. However, they have noted that while they won't release modding support for the game anytime soon, it's worth considering.

"It's not currently on the plans, but I mean, anything could happen. It's a fairly complicated process to get our assets from Maya into the game, and so to try to build user-friendly tools to do that – it takes months to train up our own artists to get some of those processes in place – so to try to build a tool that's going to be intuitive enough for an end-user to be able to do some of that stuff would be quite a bit of work," DeWald explained.

God of War is releasing with no modding support; however, the developer hopes to provide the necessary tools that bring mods to the game. It's encouraging to see that they are open to the possibility of modding support for God of War for players to experience.


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Featured image courtesy of Santa Monica Studios & Reddit / Dawah3069.