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Grab a unique free game called Totem right now

PC gamers can pick up a very unique, interesting indie game called Totem for free right now and keep it forever.
Grab a unique free game called Totem right now

There's no shortage of free games for PC gamers to grab, with the latest two Epic Games Store freebies available now. If you are in for something a little bit more unique, then you can also pick up a free game from, called Tôtem.


Get a free game on

To grab this free game on, all you need to do is register for an account, then head to the game's page to download it.

Tôtem would normally set you back $5 but if you claim it before the offer expires, it will be yours to keep forever, or at least until mysterious entities doom us all.


What is Tôtem?

Tôtem is a unique indie title from developer Shackles, which simply scream passion project. In Tôtem, players are tasked with talking to and deterring gigantic, out-of-this-world creatures.


free game totem
(Picture: Shackles)



The catch is, these beings have unique languages, and you need to translate what they say, in order to save the world.

A description of Tôtem reads:

"Something strange has appeared on earth – multiple gigantic beings with unique languages... and you're the only one who can deter them. You are the translator

A unique experience in which you are tasked with translating and conversing with unidentified entities. Your goal is to make them leave, while using their unique languages."

Tôtem features include:

  • 3 unique entities
  • Wreckingball, which has 2 consciousnesses,
  • Creaker, who is a blind pack predator,
  • Cow, who loves to ask philosophical questions,
  • and a secret one, which must be unlocked.
  • 3 interesting languages, with branching dialogue!
  • Careful gameplay and eerie atmospheres!
  • 2+ hrs of gameplay

Tôtem has roughly two hours of gameplay but you can definitely spend an extra couple of hours on this unique indie title.