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Have a Blast: Release date, gameplay, system requirements and more!

Here's everything you need to know about Firenut Game's latest indie shooter game, "Have a Blast", including its release date, gameplay and system requirements.
Have a Blast: Release date, gameplay, system requirements and more!

Have a Blast is a new upcoming indie shooter game developed by Bojan Endrovski and published by Firenut Games. The game is described as high energy, kinetic, multiplayer party game that will have players battling each other in powerful spaceships, whilst trying not to collide with interstellar objects.

Have a Blast: Release date

Have a Blast will release on the 26th of August 2021 and will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows platforms. 

Have a Blast is currently available for digital pre-order at a discounted price of $14.39 (20% price reduction) via the marketplaces indicated below, after which it will retail for $17.99.

Have a Blast: Gameplay

Have a Blast is described as a "high energy, kinetic, multiplayer party game" that will have players battle through the most ridiculously hazardous corners of the galaxy. The publisher highlights the following features on its official store pages:


There are fifteen Arenas scattered across the galaxy that players can choose from, with new Arenas slated for release later on.

Have a Blast gameplay
Have a Blast gameplay (Picture: Firenut Games)


Players will have the option to use one of five ships, each with their own uniquely powerful ability, as they navigate through the many treacherous obstacles scattered across the galaxy.

Game Modes

There are four game modes to choose from in Have a Blast:

  • Deathmatch – The last pilot standing wins the round in this familiar mode. The first player to win five rounds wins the match.
  • Team match – This game mode allows any combination of players in a team vs team play. It's also a great opportunity to reinforce or ruin friendships.
  • Mothership – In this mode, players must protect the mothership for a fair chance at victory. The mothership will provide players with health, ammo and refuge. Once destroyed, they're toast.
  • Challenges - In this mode, players can try every ship and environment by completing specific challenges against the computer.


Bots can be added to any match and are driven by an adaptive AI system that is guaranteed to provide a challenge for solo players. The difficulty level of the AI is also fully adjustable, depending on player preferences.

Have a Blast gameplay
Have a Blast gameplay (Picture: Firenut Games)

Remote Play Together

Have a Blast can be played in Single Player, Shared Screen PvP, or Shared Screen Co-op modes via Remote Play Together.

Have a Blast: System requirements

Have a Blast will run of even the most potato of computer systems. The recommended system specifications are indicated below, per the Steam Store page.

Minimum PC requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8 or 10 64-bit
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 4.3+
  • Storage: 50 MB available space

Note: Have a Blast requires a controller in order to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse is not supported.

Have a Blast is slated for release on the 26th of August on the Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch gameplay platforms, retailing for $14.39.

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Header image via Firenut Games.