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Is High on Life Worth Buying? The Reviews Are In!

If you're wondering whether to grab High on Life, then check out our review roundup below to help inform your buying decision.
Is High on Life Worth Buying? The Reviews Are In!

Coming in at the end of the year as a solid palate cleanser for those who just want to have some fun, High on Life is a First Person Shooter Metroidvania created by Justin Roiland, Co-creator of Rick and Morty, and published by Squanch Squanch Games. Now that the game has been released in full, the critics have a few things to say about this unhinged sci-fi adventure. 

So we've gone ahead and pooled together all the reviews currently out for High on Life from reputable sources to help you decide if this game is worth whipping out your wallet for. So without further delay, Oh geez, let's get into it. 

Is High on Life Worth Buying? The Reviews Are In!

Simply put, High on Life is a third-person shooter and Metroidvania that focuses heavily on the exploration of a science fiction world as a lone human, intending to stop an evil organization from taking over, potentially saving humanity in the process. Though this may sound simple, the game is layered in various ways. From Justin Roiland's comedic flourishes bringing the game to life to the unique sci-fi FPS mechanics and the puzzles to solve and items to collect as you discover more about this world. 

Is High on Life Worth Buying Positive review from some critics for sci fi mix with comedy and Acton
The game has a positive reception in some circles thanks to its unique mix of FPS mechanics, sci-fi setting, and Roiland-style comedy. (Picture: Squanch Games)

A great example of all of these elements melding together is the fact that each weapon you use is some kind of alien that can speak and riff in the iconic style of Justin Roiland. But each weapon also has some unique abilities that work well together, such as using your pistol (Kenny)'s secondary fire that can launch targets into the air and then switching to your shotgun (Gus) to take them all out at once. 

So on the surface, the game does feel like it has a lot to offer, but many critics have been quick to point out some of the game's more arduous flaws. From the comedy and constant talking of weapons and aliens being hard to swallow in many instances, feeling forced or just over the top for the sake of being wacky. Or that the story feels empty to a lot of players and falls short of the potential that the game had. 

Is High on Life Worth Buying negative reviews but still worthwhile
Although the game has its flaws, it's still worth considering as it's a bizarrely unique experience. (Picture: Squanch Games)

But does this mean the game isn't worth playing? We don't think so. Although most critics and reviewers are coming down harshly on the game, they can't shy away from the fact that it's a unique experience and is well-made by the developers. So we think this a game you should try out and see if it tickles your fancy. 

Below are some of the reviews you can check out for a more in-depth analysis of what the game entails and the review scores. 

GodIsAGeek (80/100)

"High on Life is filled with some fun mechanics and great writing, and while it doesn't reinvent the genre, it makes it more enjoyable."

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PCInvasion (85/100)

"High on Life is a hilarious piece of comedy that also makes for an enjoyable first-person shooter, especially if you're into Justin Roiland's brand of humor."

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ButWhyTho? (30/100)

"Anyone who isn’t thrilled at the idea of having Roiland constantly chattering in their ear for a dozen hours straight will likely find the game’s incessant need to force itself on the player annoying. With the addition of uncompelling combat, frustrating exploration, and a lack of anything else to offer players, High on Life is one of the most annoying, derivative, and slogging experiences in years."

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Destructoid (55/100)

"An Exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit 'meh,' really."

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TechRaptor (80/100)

"Though High on Life takes a bit of time to get the ball rolling and lacks some enemy variety, it's a comical adventure with an excellent opening and finale and promises plenty of other surprises in store for players."

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