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How did Kratos make it to Midgard in God of War

Kratos is a legend in Greek mythology, but he took his talents to Norse mythology when God of War 2018 was released. How did he make it to the lands of this mythos?
How did Kratos make it to Midgard in God of War

In the first three God of War titles, Kratos was a fixture of Greek mythology in Greece. He took on the gods of the mythos at every turn and engrossed fans in the captivating stories of the first three games. However, that all changed when God of War 4, released in 2018, took on a new setting. 

In the reboot of the series, the God of War Kratos ended up in Midgard, the centre of the Nine Realms in Norse mythology. Fans naturally wondered how Kratos got one from point in the world to an entirely new mythos over the course of a single game. Those questions were answered when God of War was originally released but fans are asking it again as the game has been released on PC in 2022. 

Down below, the question of Kratos’ journey to Midgard will be answered.

How Did Kratos Get To Midgard? 

According to the creative director of the God of War franchise, Cory Barlog, Kratos ended up in Midgard after the events of God of War 3. At the end of that game, there was a giant flood that spread across Greece and the rest of the world. Kratos brought this on himself to bring about the end of the world. 

However, in God of War, there are no lingering effects from the flood. It stands to reason that Kratos escaped the flood at the end of God of War 3 by boat, the same way he and Atreus get around much of the world in the newest title.

How did Kratos make it to Midgard in God of War
Kratos and his son Atreus are the main characters of God of War 2018. (Picture: Sony)

It seems the flood was the main reason behind Kratos being able to travel between the realms. The Norse God of War Tyr is seen traversing the realms in drawings throughout the game, lending more evidence to Kratos’ ability to go between different mythologies. 

In all likelihood, Kratos ended up in Midgard after rowing across the realms. After the flood had died down, Kratos settled down with his second wife, Faye, and had a child, Atreus. The beginning of God of War sees Kratos mourning the loss of Faye and leading Atreus to the top of a mountain peak to spread her ashes. 

How did Kratos make it to Midgard in God of War
Norse mythology was infiltrated by Kratos in God of War 2018. (Picture: Sony)

There’s not much evidence in God of War that lets us know exactly how the flood affected Midgard. However, Freya, another character in the game, does say that Tyr’s Bridge was submerged underwater for 150 years, presumably as a result of the flood. This means that at least 150 years have gone by since the events of God of War 3. 

It’s obvious that the mythologies of the world are all connected to each other, with Kratos making several mentions to Greek mythology throughout God of War 2018. This means that the franchise can go in many different directions throughout mythology following the events of God of War: Ragnarok. 

Featured image courtesy of Sony.