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How to backspin and topsin in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Adding spin to your ball is an essential part of golf.
How to backspin and topsin in Mario Golf: Super Rush
Playing Mario Golf: Super Rush can be a calm, soothing experience that sees players relaxing on a course, hitting a few balls. However, for players that want a little more simulation in their experience, they’ll eventually need to learn how to add spin to their ball. 

In Super Rush, there are two types of spins that players can use: backspin and topspin. The former makes the ball roll backwards and the latter makes the ball roll forward. These types of spins are an important part of the player’s ability to have control over where the ball goes and where it lands. Pair this with curving the ball and players will have complete control over their ball. 

We covered how to curve the ball in a previous article, so today we’ll go over how to add backspin and topspin. 

Using backspin and topspin in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Naturally, the first thing that players need to do when approaching the tee is fill up their power meter. This is the first meter that you will fill up, which needs to be done by pressing “A.” Once you have your power where you want it, another meter will appear. However, this time instead of pressing A, you need to do one of two things: 

  • Backspin: Press B once or twice depending on how much backspin you want
  • Topspin: Double-tap A 

Once you’ve pressed either one of the commands, your ball will have whatever spin you added to it.

For topspin, the ball will be more of a direct shot in the air and roll forward once it hits the ground. The opposite is true for backspin, which sees the ball spend a good amount of time in the air before landing softly and even rolling backwards if enough backspin is put on it. Both shots have their purpose in Mario Golf: Super Rush.