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How to enter referral codes in Splitgate

Find out how to earn those rewards in the beta of Splitgate.
How to enter referral codes in Splitgate

Splitgate is currently in its beta phase but that doesn’t mean many of the game’s full launch features aren’t already in place. 

Aside from the fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, Splitgate offers a wide variety of cosmetics and rewards. Much of this is through the battle pass, which works similarly to another cosmetic stream like it in other games.

However, players can also earn rewards through the game’s referral system. Essentially, players are rewarded if they get a friend or someone in the community to sign up and play the game during the beta. The rewards up for grabs are all of legendary value, so players desperately want others to use their referral code. 

The problem some players are running into is that the referral page isn’t immediately noticeable. Well, it’s not too hard in Splitgate and this article will show players exactly where it is and how it’s used. 

The referral code page in Splitgate 

Splitgate is a free-to-play shooter that plays like a mash-up between Halo and Portal. (Picture: 1047 Games)

To get to the referral page of Splitgate, you need to navigate to the game’s menu and then find the “Reward Center” tab at the bottom left of the screen. The tab is in pink and can be clicked on once to access. 

Once players are in the Reward Center, they’ll immediately see their Referral Code and a box to enter another player’s Referral Code. If you want to give another player one of the referral rewards, you can enter their code in the box. This gives you and the referral player 50 Splitcoin. Keep in mind, though, you can’t enter a code if you’re above XP level 10. However, if you want others to use your code so you can earn the rewards, you need to copy your code. 

You can then go about giving it out to friends or random players in hopes they’ll use it. The rewards for the Referral Pass are as follows: 

  • Ritual (Legendary Plasma Rifle skin)
  • Recruiter (Epic Name Tag)
  • Racer (Epic Pistol skin)
  • Epic Banner
  • Wildfire (Legendary SMG skin)
Splitgate referral codes
The Referral Code menu in Splitgate. (Picture: 1047 Games/Christian Edwards)

The more players enter your code, the more rewards you earn. The rewards are likely only for the Splitgate beta, so make sure you’re getting as many people as possible to use your code.