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How To Get Into The Sandbox In Grounded

Here is everything you need to know about how to get into the Sandbox in Grounded, as well as what enemies and loot are inside this new biome.
How To Get Into The Sandbox In Grounded

The Sandbox is one of the most interesting and threatening areas in the new survival game Grounded, so you'll no doubt want to find your way there if you've noticed it.

Despite all of the cool loot and enemies available in the Sandbox, it isn't the easiest area to get to, requiring some effort and puzzle-solving to get there.

In this article, we'll help you get into the Sandbox in Grounded, as well as navigate its treacherous terrain.

How To Get Into The Sandbox In Grounded

sandbox grounded how to get to
Getting to the Sandbox in Grounded requires some effort on the player's part. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios)

To get to the Sandbox, you'll need to solve an environmental puzzle that requires a few steps.

First, climb the picnic table. Then, head to the shovel propped up in the corner. Use a bratburst or splatburst to tip the shovel over, forming a neat bridge over to the bench and allowing you to get closer to the Sandbox.

Once you've made your way onto the picnic table, you'll want to slip underneath the orange book.

From there, you'll find a zipline leading over to the Sandbox - but you'll need 12 silk ropes to power the zipline. To get them, you can kill spider enemies and farm their silk.

You an then ride the zipline and make your way over to the new Sandbox biome.

What's Inside The Sandbox In Grounded?

sandbox grounded enemies loot
The Sandbox is home to both treacherous enemies and great loot. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios)

As we mentioned before, the Sandbox in Grounded is one of the most treacherous biomes in the whole game, as it's full of hordes of enemies.

The Sandbox is home to tons of Antlions, which players can defeat for loot, specifically for some brand new armor. 

Beneath the sand is also a Wolf Spider, a strong boss that only experienced players should consider attempting to take down.

The Sandbox is home to Buried Treasure too, though, including the following treasures:

  • Sunken Bone
  • Salt Shard
  • Spicy Shard
  • Gum Nugget
  • Crow Feather Piece
  • Mint Shard
  • Omelant
  • Quesadillantlion

You'll need a Black Ant Shovel to dig up the Buried Treasure, so be sure to craft one if you want to truly take advantage of what the Sandbox has to offer.

That's all you need to know about the Sandbox in Grounded, including how to get into it and what is inside the Sandbox.

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Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios.