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How to get more health in Psychonauts 2 and heal up

Psychonauts 2 is finally out, and if you need some tips for basic mechanics like healing and your health, this guide will explain to you everything that you need to know.
How to get more health in Psychonauts 2 and heal up

After more than six years of development, Psychonauts 2 has finally been released and the game has absolutely met fans' expectations with its outstanding quality.

Psychonauts 2 offers unique gameplay with a complex story that deals with such topics as the loss of your family, loneliness, and growing up, all filtered through hilarious moments that will always keep your smile up.

The game is not only a worthy successor to its cult-classic predecessor, but it also manages to raise the bar to even higher levels in almost all aspects, from gameplay and level design to writing, graphics and everything else.

One of the first basic mechanics you will need to learn while playing the game is to understand how healing and health work in Psychonauts 2, as these are somewhat different compared to what you have used to in other games.

How can you heal in Psychonauts 2?

How to get more health in Psychonauts 2 and heal up
These green canisters will heal you. (Picture: Double Fine/ Screenshot provided by IGN)

In Psychonauts 2, your health is represented by pink brain icons in the top right corner of the screen. In the first Psychonauts game, your health was called mental health, and here it returns in the form of mental energy, and Razputin starts out with 3 units of mental health (3 brains)

Each brain has four sections, and whenever you receive damage, you will lose at least one section. If you lose all of it, Razputin will respawn at the last mental checkpoint you have activated.

So, how can you heal? The most common way is by hitting glowing green containers you will encounter on your journies into different mindscapes. Once hit them, they will drop small green health items and by collecting them you will restore a small amount of health.

Another way to restore health is by purchasing PSI Pops. This item can be bought from the Otto-Matic vending machines, and it's always good to have a few of them in reserve for when there are no other healing sources available.

How to increase your mental energy?

How to get more health in Psychonauts 2 and heal up
Watch carefully for Half-A-Minds throughout your adventures. (Picture: Double Fine)

Asides from healing, it's always good to continuously increase your number of brains throughout the game, as that will increase your overall health points.

In order to achieve this, you will need to find Half-A-Minds, unique mental world collectables which you will stumble upon across various worlds and mindscapes. When you collect two Half-A-Minds, they will unite and expand your Mental Health pool by 1 brain.

As you can imagine, these are rather important upgrades, so keep your eyes open in the search for them.

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