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How to get more lives in Deathloop: How to refresh Reprise?

How to get more Reprise in Deathloop is a question many players want to know the answer to as death is a scary thing in Deathloop, and only Reprise can save you. Here's how to refresh Reprise in Deathloop.
Just like many other roguelike games, Deathloop is a game that doesn't easily forgive you for your mistakes.

It's a game about a guy being drawn into madness as he is being permanently trapped inside a loop which almost always ends up with his death. At least, that's what his torturers want and we, as players, will want to save Colt from this unfortunate situation.

In order to progress through the game, simply put, you must not die, as death is permanent and will bring you back to the beginning of the loop, without the previously gathered equipment.

The only thing that saves you from being pushed back to the start is one of the first slabs you will receive in Deathloop, the "Reprise" ability.

How to get more Reprise in Deathloop

How to get more lives in Deathloop How to refresh Reprise?
You can not increase your Reprise, but there are ways to refresh it. (Picture: Bethesda)

The Reprise ability lets you rewind the time when you die, which will bring you back to the last checkpoint instead of back to the beginning of the loop.

It is essentially what we call "life" in other games, but you only have three lives here (two Reprise rewinds).

Once you die three times and lose two charges of Reprise, it's game over for that run and you need to start the loop all over again.

But, can you get more Reprise and have more lives? Well, sort of.

The total number of Reprise charges can not be increased, you will always have a maximum of two rewinds (three lives), but there are two ways to refresh Reprise during the same run.

How to get more lives in Deathloop How to refresh Reprise?
Switching between districts will refresh your Reprise. (Picture: Bethesda)

The first and the more common way is when you switch between different districts on Blackreef, the mysterious island on which the game takes place. Each time you switch between the districts, your Reprise will refresh.

The second and harder way is by killing Julianna, your archnemesis. She will appear in a district if one of the Visionaries is there, or if you have invasions turned on and someone enters for a PVP element of the game.

Keep in mind that while killing Julianna will refresh your Reprise, if she kills you, it's game over for that run and you will have to start the loop from the beginning, so you will always need to calculate the risk.

How to get more lives in Deathloop How to refresh Reprise?
Kill Julianna and you will get Reprise refreshed, but if she kills you, you are back to the beginning. (Picture: Bethesda)

And there you have it, these are the only two ways how you can have more lives in Deathloop and how to refresh your Reprise. One final thing you should know is that when Julianna invades you, she will block all the passages between districts, and at that moment you will not be able to refresh your Reprise by switching through districts until you defeat her.


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