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How to play PvP in Valheim

If you are interested in playing Valheim but you are wondering if the game supports PvP, the answer is yes! Here's how to set up PvP server for Valheim.
How to play PvP in Valheim
If you like survival games like Minecraft and Terraria and thinking of playing Valheim, but for you multiplayer is one of the most important features, we got good news for you.

Yes, Valheim does support multiplayer, and we are not talking only about co-op, which is one of the main features of the game. The game will also let you test your skills and builds against other players in a classic PvP style.

While Valheim focuses primarily on a co-op aspect, where you explore procedurally-generated worlds together with friends, you will also be able to fight against other players if you choose so.

How to set up PvP server for Valheim

Valheim how to play pvp
(Picture: Iron Gate)

Creating a PvP server in Valheim is a rather easy thing to do.

  • When starting the game select an option to create a p2p-based play session.
  • You can select to be either private or public. If select public, anyone can hop in and play with you.
  • Servers are capped at 10 players.
  • If you don't want to play co-op, but PvP instead, turn on the PVP setting from the Inventory-screen. 

And that's it, now you and other people on the server can battle against each other server. Only the person who has created a world you are currently in can choose if the game will be PvP or co-op only.

If you want to run a persistent server you can download the Valheim Dedicated Server-application from Steam.

Valheim pvp servers
(Picture: Iron Gate)

This is all you currently need for the PvP, but keep in mind that the game is primarily co-op based and things in the game are designed and balanced around PvE content, not PvP, so you shouldn't expect too much from it, at least in the current state of the game.

Still, developers are promising more "multiplayer interactions" are coming at some point, based on the Valheim Roadmap, so that might mean that we can see more PvP content sometime later this year.