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How to unlock Returnal Daily Challenges in Simulation Mode

If you are hunting for that Platinum Trophy, you will need to know how to unlock Returnal's Daily Challenges via the Simulation Mode.
How to unlock Returnal Daily Challenges in Simulation Mode
The PS5 exclusive Returnal released on 30th April 2021 from developer Housemarque. As a rogue-lite and bullet-hell fiesta, Returnal is already a brutally challenging title. If you want even more of a challenge, you can use Returnal's Simulation Mode. Here's how you can unlock Returnal's Daily Challenges feature for more sci-fi horror action which should put your skills to the test.

Returnal Daily Challenges: How to unlock Simulation Mode

You can't unlock the Simulation Mode for Dialy Challenges in Returnal right away. Since the game is brutally challenging already, developer Housemarque has made sure players first have a bit of experience before attempting Daily Challenges.

To unlock the Simulation Mode in Returnal, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Complete the first Biome in Returnal (Overgrown Ruins)
  • Defeat the first boss called Phrike.
  • Return to the crash site (inevitable since you will die)
  • At the Helios crash site, head inside the ship.
  • In the central room, there are two monitors.
  • Interact with the smaller monitor in the corner after defeating the first boss to unlock Simulation Mode.

ReturnalDailychallenges1.jpg?_t=1619773877(Picture: Housemarque)

Unlocking the Daily Challenges via the Simulation Mode and doing a challenge is the only way to complete the In-Field Training Trophy, which is needed to platinum the game.

These extremely difficult challenges in Returnal change each day, as the name suggests, but does offer you a chance to really put your skills to the test.

Most players should be able to beat the first boss with ease, which is really the only requirement to get those Daily Challenges going.