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How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream, and what to expect

PlayStation Showcase 2021 will bring news about some of the most anticipated PS5 games, and if you want to know the date and time, how you can watch it, and what will be shown, you are in the right place.
How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream, and what to expect

After weeks of rumours and speculation, Sony has finally officially announced the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event.

"You’ve been awfully patient, and we thank you for that. And now we’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on," Sony's press release reads.

What's important to note is that this is not a "State of Play" event, which Sony holds on a somewhat regulars basis to provide updates about the current progress of some of their games in development and share other, not-that-big news.

This will be a full-blown showcase, Sony's biggest event of the year (instead of the E3 conference), which makes this presentation especially exciting as we can expect some important news and big reveals.

So, without further ado, let's check out what we know about the event.

When is PlayStation Showcase 2021? Date and time revealed

How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream
What would you like to see during the Showcase? (Picture: Sony)

After numerous rumours and leaks, Sony has now officially confirmed when will this years' big PlayStation event happen.

PlayStation Showcase 2021 is set to be held on Thursday, 9th September 2021.

The Showcase is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm BST / 10:00 pm CEST / 4:00 pm ET and it will last approximately 40 minutes.

Where can you watch PlayStation Showcase 2021?

PlayStation Showcase 2021 will be streamed on the official PlayStation Twitch and YouTube channels.

While we can not confirm this, content creators will probably be allowed to do a live commentary stream of the event, as it's usually the case, but Sony might have changed their policy in this regard.

What will Sony show during PlayStation Showcase 2021?

How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream
Horizon Forbidden West would likely be the main focus of the show. (Picture: Sony)

The most honest answer is that we simply don't know (nor does anyone else) but we can always make some educated guesses.

What we do know is that PSVR 2 (the next generation of PlayStation VR headset) won't be revealed during the Showcase, which has been confirmed by Sony.

Other than that, we expect more news about Horizon Forbidden West, as it has been officially confirmed that the game will be released on 18th February 2022, with pre-orders now being available.

How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream
Fans are hoping for the untitled God of War sequel, known as Ragnarök, to finally be revealed. (Picture: Sony)

Another thing that will likely happen is a full reveal of God of War: Ragnarök, given that in September of 2020 we only got a teaser that has shown the game's working title, logo, and nothing else.

Fans of racing games will probably want to watch the event as well, as Gran Turismo 7 is another game that will most likely make an appearance during the Showcase.

If you are hoping for Spider-Man 2, we have to disappoint you as chances for that are really slim. Insomniac has just finished two games (Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart) and we don't expect to hear news about Spider-Man 2 before late 2022, especially considering the fact that Sony already has two big titles releasing next year (Forbidden West and Ragnarök), and they would likely want to focus their marketing efforts on them.

How to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021: Date and time, stream
Gran Turismo 7 is another PS5 AAA title coming in 2022. (Picture: Sony)

Finally, if you would like to find out more about some of the featured games (especially those from PlayStation Studios), you should definitely keep watching after the main presentation, as there's also a post-show which will feature interviews with developers, more gameplay footage, and other in-depth content about the upcoming games.

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