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ESO’s Gates of Oblivion livestream: Date, time, Deadlands DLC and more

With the fourth and final expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)’s Gates of Oblivion chapter just around the corner, developer ZeniMax Online has scheduled a year-end livestream to commemorate the expansion pack launch.
ESO’s Gates of Oblivion livestream: Date, time, Deadlands DLC and more

Fans of the MMO have spent the last few months unravelling the intentions and plans of the Daedric Prince throughout the Gates of Oblivion expansion. Spanning across three chapters, heavily tied to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this chapter will be coming to an epic conclusion with the arrival of the Deadlands DLC.

Ahead of the Deadlands launch, players will get to learn more about the upcoming DLC with a special behind-the-scenes look from the development team. They will also be revealing the latest news and updates, in-game events and activities and more plus a series of post-show streams to answer questions from the greater ESO community.

Elder Scrolls online livestream
What adventures await players in the final DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online’ Gates of Oblivion? (Picture: ZeniMax Online)

What is the Deadlands DLC?

Deadlands is the fourth and final DLC pack for the Gates of Oblivion chapter. Following Flames of Ambition, Blackwood and Waking Flame, players have been embarking on their year-long journey throughout the lands of Tamriel as the events of Gates of Oblivion dating back 800 years before The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

With a deeper focus on the villainous Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon throughout the Gates of Oblivion, players will have to stand against the forces of Oblivion in the Deadlands DLC. With a path cleared to Mehrunes Dagon’s domain, his hellish troops of Daedra and cultists await players who will unleash the destruction of Tamriel as players are tasked to prevent this cataclysmic event from occurring.

Elder Scrolls Gates of Oblivion livestream
The metropolis city of Fargrave is quite charming however, an evil lurks nearby. (Picture: ZeniMax Online)

The Deadlands DLC will have players visiting the city of Fargrave, as tensions continue to heighten in this city with Mehrunes Dagon not far away. Additionally, the DLC will introduce players to new cosmetic items, achievements and collectables and a brand new Armory system will be added to the game.

How and when to watch the Gates of Oblivion Year-End stream?

The Gates of Oblivion Year-End stream will be taking place on 1st October 2021 at 4 pm EDT / 1 pm PST / 9 pm BST. The stream will be live on Bethesda’s official Twitch channel which will feature a special look into the Deadlands narrative from the ESO development team.

The stream will also be broadcasting live in five additional languages, French, German, Polish, Russian and Dutch with a post-show stream scheduled for 4th October 2021 at 5 am EDT / 2 am PDT / 10 am BST on Bethesda’s Twitch channel.

What will the Year-End livestream and post-show cover?

Aside from the behind-the-scenes look into the Deadlands DLC narrative, the development team will be providing more information on upcoming in-game events and activities and plenty more related news and updates.

year-end livestream
Throughout the Gates of Oblivion chapter, players have discovered new locations, reunite with familiar faces and take on impossible threats. (Picture: ZeniMax Online)

The post-show stream will focus on the forthcoming Update 32 patch which is available to ESO players on the public test server (PTS). Formatted as a Q&A session, the ESO community will receive an opportunity to submit questions on the forum threads which will be answered by the community management team.

Aside from the main post-show stream, various ESO communities around the world will be hosting their community-run post-show events, between 2-5 October in the following countries/regions:

Deadlands, the epic conclusion in the Gates of Oblivion chapter, is scheduled for a Fall 2021 release as ZeniMax Online has yet to announce an official release date.

Featured image courtesy of ZeniMax Online.