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Icarus release time - When does it unlock on Steam?

Icarus is the latest co-op survival game coming from the creator of DayZ, Dean Hall. Here's at what time it will become available on Steam.
Icarus release time - When does it unlock on Steam?

In real life, we can still only dream of colonizing and terraforming other planets, but thankfully there's plenty of space adventures of that ilk in our favourite hobby - video games.

Icarus, the sci-fi co-op survival game from development studio RocketWerkz, will see players embarking on a dangerous mission to Icarus, a terraforming-gone-wrong planet that was once seen as humanity's next home but turned into a nightmare.

The reasons, as always, lie behind humanity's inherent greed, as numerous exotic and insanely valuable materials have been discovered, turning the planet into a destination not for colonists, rather for prospectors with their minds fixated on these rare minerals.

You are one of these prospectors, and if you can't wait to start exploring and surviving the beautiful-but-perilous planet, here is when Icarus will be released worldwide.

What time does Icarus release?

Icarus release time - When does it unlock on Steam?
Icarus is currently only available on Steam. (Picture: RocketWerkz)

Icarus is set to be released on 3rd December, but it won't be available at midnight.

You will have enough time to finish school or work before coming home to jump into the game.

The game will unlock on Steam simultaneously around the world, and here's when that is:

  • Los Angeles - 2 pm PST
  • New York - 5 pm EST
  • London - 10 pm GMT
  • Paris - 11 pm CET
  • New Zealand: 11 am NZT (4th December)

If you are not living in any of these regions, this simple time zone calculator can help you to find out when this is in your local time zone.

At the time of writing, the game is already available for preload on Steam, so you can start downloading it immediately and play it when it becomes available later tonight.


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All images courtesy of Angela Game.