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IO Interactive Opens New Studio To Help With Bond Development

The Name's Brighton. Studio, Brighton.
IO Interactive Opens New Studio To Help With Bond Development

IO Interactive has opened a brand new studio in Brighton in order to contribute to all its upcoming titles. In an official statement, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak stated:

"We are extremely proud and excited to open our next studio in Brighton, where we see enormous potential to expand our incredible team and attract the very best talent from the exciting UK development scene."

IO has multiple upcoming titles, with a brand new James Bond game currently in development alongside an online fantasy RPG that was recently stated during the Microsoft FTC trial to be exclusive to Microsoft platforms. In addition to all of this, IO has also said that they're committed to a new Hitman title, although they're taking a break from the franchise for now.

In an interview with, Abrak stated:

"Across our studios, our projects are front and center. This means anybody, regardless of what studio or country they're working from, can work crisscross on different projects. It's not like in Istanbul they're on 007, and in Brighton, they're doing Project Fantasy... they can all work on the different projects."