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Is Amazon Planning To Buy Electronic Arts?

After rumors surfaced of Amazon buying out Electronic Arts today, stocks rose rapidly. But is the acquisition actually happening?
Is Amazon Planning To Buy Electronic Arts?

The world lives in a digital age where the biggest companies continuously compete to stay ahead. It’s a power-hungry digital era, and almost every massive name, like Apple, Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, and Sony Interactive, is attempting to buy out game developer companies like Bethesda, Activision, and Bungie Inc.

As reported by Kirk McKeand at GLHF, Amazon is allegedly eyeing out Electronic Arts (EA) after the company was rumored to be looking for potential buyouts from colossal companies like Apple and Amazon. In a separate article by Puck, reports claimed that “EA has been persistent in pursuing a sale” from these companies for a while now. But is Amazon really going to buy EA?

Is Amazon Going To Purchase EA?

amazon biggest company worldwide
Amazon is one of the biggest companies worldwide. (Picture: Amazon)

The rumor of a potential Amazon acquisition of EA initially gained traction after a Tweet was published by Kirk McKeand. "Sources: Amazon is set to buy Electronic Arts, and the announcement could happen today," the Tweet read. This rumor later spread like wildfire across the internet.

As a result, EA’s stock immediately surged, with investors thinking this was the perfect opportunity to buy into Amazon’s acquisition of the company. As a result, the company’s stock "$EA" surged by fifteen percent.

But that short-lived opportunity quickly ended as the company’s value immediately dropped after CNBC sources told David Faber that Amazon wouldn’t be buying out EA.

David Faber stated, “there’s nothing going on. [...] EA has definitely been out there a bit in the past, at least, considering what it might do. You can imagine Amazon might have some interest. [But, the acquisition] is not going to happen today.”

Although that’s not to say Amazon might purchase EA in the future or another gaming company will, sadly, the rumored acquisition won't likely happen on 26th August 2022. It would’ve been fascinating to see the purchase happen as it meant Amazon would have access to all the games EA’s made and the universes within them.

The acquisition would mean the company could create various products using EA’s games and possibly create TV series using the trademarks and copyrights to cultivate new interests within the gaming and media industry.

electronic arts ea biggest game publishing developing company
Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the biggest game publishing and developing companies. (Picture: EA)

On the other hand, if Amazon doesn’t buy EA, Disney would be a superb choice in acquisition for merging its already-adored universes, such as Star Wars. In return, the game company gives Disney Titanfall, Sims, Deadspace, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Command & Conquer, Battlefield, and more, hopefully leading to various movies or shows on Disney+ if the company did acquire EA.

For now, Amazon won’t buy EA, according to CNBC. Still, fans or investors should keep their eye out for possible news leading to an acquisition of the game company if they decide to sell the company.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon and EA.