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Is Ashes of Creation down? Ways to check the server status

Ashes of Creation is one of the biggest upcoming MMOs but might have some problems to start.
Is Ashes of Creation down? Ways to check the server status
Ashes of Creation is at long last getting ready to come out of hiding and be shown to the world. This week sees the official alpha begin and the NDA lifted on all content, meaning the lucky alpha players can share their experience and what the game has to offer. 

Players who want to join the Alpha, which runs from 14th July to 13th August, can sign up to be hopefully be selected. This is done through the Ashes of Creation website. For those that are already selected to be a tester, the game fully opens up in just a couple of days. However, as the MMO is in a very early stage, there likely will be a plethora of issues in the month to come. 

One of the biggest will presumably be server problems, which plague any large-scale multiplayer title. If you want to make sure that Ashes of Creation isn’t down, you can keep reading below for ways to check. 

Is Ashes of Creation down?
Ashes of Creation has MMORPG fans excited. (Picture: Intrepid Studios)

Checking to see if Ashes of Creation is down

The first and easiest way to see if Ashes of Creation is down to load up the game’s launcher and look at the tab marked “Server Status.” This will direct you to Intrepid Studios’ website and a page that lists the servers and whether or not they’re up and running. The page details the problems a server might have as well as updates for the community regarding the issue. 

As of 12th July, the servers have not experienced any issues. Of course, this is mainly because there have been next to no players online. Once players do start coming online, additional issues will likely arise. 

If you can’t access the AoC launcher for whatever reason, you can also head over to the game’s Twitter support page. This will document all server and other issues the game has over its lifetime. This includes small and large issues, so if you’re a player or hoping to be one, following them is a wise decision. 

As of right now, those are the two best ways to check if Ashes of Creation is down.