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Is Game Pass coming to Steam?

According to rumours from industry insiders, Valve is looking for Microsoft's subscription service to be a part of Steam.
Is Game Pass coming to Steam?
It's no secret that Microsoft is pushing for Game Pass to become the ultimate gaming service moving forward, with the head of Xbox Phil Spencer hinting multiple times that they could be looking to implement it way beyond the confines of the Xbox brand.

As it turns out, we might be getting Game Pass in the most unexpected of places, Steam, as a rumour suggests Valve is in talks with Microsoft regarding the service.

Is Game Pass coming to Steam?

game pass coming to steam
(Picture: Valve)

According to industry insider Tyler McVicker, who holds a YouTube channel with over 360k subscribers, Valve "is trying to get Game Pass on Steam."

McVicker mentioned this piece of information during his latest YouTube video, a Q&A session where he responded to questions from users.

You can see his comment on the 31:09 mark:

Despite Game Pass being available on PC via the Xbox app, fans would welcome the service on Steam as the integration it would bring could mean thousands of more eyes could see the value of the service in a single, familiar place.

Plus, if the deal ends up happening, it's more than likely some Valve titles make their way to the service, making it an even sweeter deal. 

This being a rumour, we recommend it you take it with a grain of salt. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.