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Is Melty Blood Type Lumina crossplay?

Developer French-Bread's latest fighting game is available on a plethora of platforms.
Is Melty Blood Type Lumina crossplay?

Melty Blood: Type Lumina has finally arrived, being the latest fighting game to populate a stacked 2021 that already saw the release of Guilty Gear Strive and the upcoming Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

The game, created by Japanese developer French-Bread, is based on a visual novel, Tsukihime, originally released back in 2001, garnering a cult following with Type Lumina being the fifth instalment.

Type Lumina, unlike previous entries, is a reboot of the series and marks the first Melty Blood to be released since Actress Again in 2008 (subsequent re-released happened in 2011), so it's the perfect entry point for those interested in the series.

With Melty Blood being available on different consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, players have wondered if the 2D anime fighter features a key feature that would help its longevity -- crossplay.

Does Melty Blood: Type Lumina have crossplay?

melty blood
Rollback netcode is a go, sadly, it's a different story for crossplay. (Picture: French-Bread)

While the developers confirmed the very requested rollback netcode implementation would be available, sadly, there is no crossplay for those looking to duke it out between different consoles.

This means that your platform of choice can be key when it comes to finding a healthy population. While the allure of a portably fighting game might draw you to pick up the Switch version, most of the dedicated fighting game community will pick the game on PS4 or PC, as it provides the best experience for competitive play.

melty blood
Type Lumina is the perfect entry point to the series. (Picture: French-Bread)

As for the Xbox One version, unless you've got no other choice, we do not recommend it as the player base will noticeably shrink due to Xbox's rarely being used in tournaments. 


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Featured image courtesy of French-Bread.