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It's 2022 and Justin Wong got Daigo parried again

Justin Wong's dreaded nightmare came true once more while playing an online Street Fighter III 3rd Strike match.
It's 2022 and Justin Wong got Daigo parried again

Justin Wong is a fighting game legend, a decorated, idolised, immortal name within the FGC that was recently inducted into the esports Hall of Fame for his contributions to the scene -- yet, despite all of this, he's also remembered for being on the receiving end of one of video game's most iconic comebacks. 

Evo Moment 37, or the Daigo parry, needs no introduction. Daigo Umehara, the Japanese fighting game icon was against the ropes versus Justin Wong's Chun-Li at Evo 2004, who was so confident in his win, he decided to throw his super to beat his opponent with chip damage. The only way Daigo could have possibly turned it around is if he parried all strikes of Chun's lengthy combo, and so he did, winning the match as a result. 

Every single frame was ingrained in the collective memory of the FGC, and of course, both Wong and Umehara. Now, almost 18 years after the tragic incident, from Justin's perspective that is, the current Panda sponsored player and content creator suffered the same fate in a recent Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match.

Justin Wong relives Evo moment 37

evo moment 37
Evo Moment 37 is an iconic piece of esports history. (Picture: Evo)

It was just another JWong stream on 3rd January, playing some 3rd Strike and casually talking to his chat. During a match against a Ken player online, the 36-year-old was comfortably leading and decided to challenge his opponent by throwing the super in neutral. "You ain't Daigo," were his famous last words.

The sequence played exactly as it did in 2004, with the Ken player even going for the final, and unnecessary, parry to Chun's high kick following with an optimal punish that ended in Ken's super taking Chun-Li's health for a spectacular finish. 

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Wong has relived Evo Moment 37 while playing 3rd Strike online. Just last year, Justin Wong almost got Daigo parried once again with his genuine, priceless, shock reaction becoming one of the highlights for the FGC in 2021.

The clip went absolutely viral, in case you were wondering, reaching over 1.2 million views at the time of writing. 

evo justin wong
Wong holds multiple Evo titles. (Picture: Evo)

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Featured image via Capcom/Astro Gaming.