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Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: Release Date Window, News, And More

Here is everything you need to know about the potential release of Kingdom Come Deliverance 2.
Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: Release Date Window, News, And More

Throughout the years, there have been many highly anticipated video games that have been presented to the public. Games like Zelda or Resident Evil are always in the spotlight, but there are other games out there that have very dedicated fanbases. One of the games that come to mind is Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a medieval RPG that was very popular among those who played it. Although there were some reviewers who were less than impressed by the game, it was very popular among the fans. That is why there are many who are waiting for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. Here, we are going to go over everything we know about this potential sequel.

Update on 7 May 2024: Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 has been announced and it will release in 2024!

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Is Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Going To Happen?

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Release Date
Fans are patiently waiting for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 to be announced. (Picture: Warhorse Studios)

At the time of this writing, all signs point to yes, there will be a Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. Recently, there was a financial report from a group known as the Embracer Group. The Embracer group has a couple of companies under its umbrella, including Warhorse Studios, the developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

During the report, Kingdom Come Deliverance was praised for being the most successful game under the group. They continued to say that they are working on another project from Warhorse. Of course, there is no definite proof, but it is a start. There is also the fact that during a studio tour for Warhorse Studios, what looks like a development map is hanging in the studio. It could be something else completely, but again, it could be Kingdom Come Deliverance 2.

When Will Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Be Released?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Sequel
Will Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 be announced soon? (Picture: Warhorse Studios)

Although the game itself is not confirmed, it is entirely possible that the game could be coming out sooner than we think. E3 was our guess of when Warhorse Studios was supposed to drop news for this game but E3 has been canceled. So hopefully soon, Warhorse Studios will give players the news that this game is coming out.

Our guess is that Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 will be released in Q4 of 2025. This would set the game up nicely to be ready for the holiday season and it would be enough time between the announcement to complete the development cycle. We will update this page as soon as we know more about this game.