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Laura Bailey addresses controversial The Last of Us 2 scene allegedly involving Neil Druckmann

The voice actress and director debunked rumours of the game director himself doing the motion capture for one particular cutscene.
Laura Bailey addresses controversial The Last of Us 2 scene allegedly involving Neil Druckmann

The road Naughty Dog and Sony had to go through the months prior to the release of The Last of Us Part II was, to say the least, a rocky one.

Leaked gameplay footage, several delays, stories of a heavy crunch culture inside the studio, even a beef involving vice president Neil Druckmann with journalist Jason Schrier were just the tip of the iceberg, and it seems the drama train isn't stopping with the launch of Sony's marquee title.


Last of us part II 2 sex scenes laura bailey
The road to release has been a rocky one for Last of Us Part II. (Picture: Naughty Dog)


Be aware, slight spoilers for The Last of Us Part II follow.

Renowned voice actress and director Laura Bailey portrays Abby, a central character to the plot. At one point in the story, she's involved in a sex scene with Owen, a character with the likeness of Druckmann. Detractors used this to spread rumours about how the game director self-inserted himself into the game just to record mocap of the aforementioned scene.


Last of us sex scene neil druckmann laura Bailey
(Picture: Naughty Dog)


As many social media users are eager to spoil key plot details, we recommend you keep your curiosity to a minimum, however, if it gets the best of you, you'll likely run into comments like the one Twitter user Scotiej posted.



“So, how much of a hazard pay did you (Neil) have to tempt Laura Bailey with to dry-hump her in a mocap suit?”

Suffice to say the situation escalated so quickly Laura Bailey had to address the baseless accusations on Twitter.



"I can’t believe this even needs to be clarified. But at no point in the game did I film any scene with Neil. Everything I did was alongside phenomenally talented and professional actors. Play the game. THEN give your opinions. And if you still don't like it, that’s fine. Love you."

A quick look at the game’s cast will reveal Patrick Fugit gave life to Owen, an actor most commonly known for his roles in movies like Almost Famous, Gone Girl, and First Man.

It seems that, unsurprisingly, critics are grasping at straws for this one, and while the game is getting review-bombed on sites like Metacritic, fans around the world are enjoying the next chapter in Ellie's story.

If you would like to watch the scene, and yes there is both a content warning and spoilers ahead (I assume, I have yet to play the game and don't wanna ruin it) then you can see the scene through the eyes of popular stream xQc.



The Last of Us Part II is out now on PlayStation 4.