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LEAP Goes Free-To-Play For 1 Week: Win Alienware PCs And Game Codes

Jump into action with LEAP's free-to-play week and take the #TakeTheLeap challenge for a chance to win Alienware PCs and game codes.
LEAP Goes Free-To-Play For 1 Week: Win Alienware PCs And Game Codes

Blue Isle Studios and CurseForge have joined forces to bring an exciting opportunity to gamers worldwide. LEAP, the popular multiplayer FPS game, will be available to play for free across multiple platforms for an entire week. As a result, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox users can all #TakeTheLeap and dive into the action-packed world of LEAP without spending a penny. To make the offer even more enticing, players have a chance to win one of six high-performance Alienware PCs worth $2,000 and free game codes.

The LEAP free-to-play week will run from April 27 to April 30 for players on PlayStation and Xbox. On the other hand, Steam users have an extended free gameplay period, starting from April 27 and continuing through May 3, thanks to the Steam Playtest feature. To amplify the excitement, Blue Isle Studios and CurseForge have launched the #TakeTheLeap challenge, inviting players to record their LEAP gameplay on any of the six eligible modded servers. Players can then share their epic moments on social media with the #TakeTheLEAP to win big!


How To Participate In LEAP #TakeTheLeap Challenge

Participation in the challenge is quite straightforward. Players can follow these steps to join the action:

  • Play LEAP for free on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation through April 27 (or May 3 if you're on Steam) and immerse yourself in the excitement on any of the six participating modded servers.
  • Record your thrilling gameplay moments on the participating servers and post your clips on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, ensuring you include the #TakeTheLEAP hashtag.
  • Amaze the judges with an epic gameplay video that showcases your skills and strategy. The most impressive clips will have a chance to win one of the coveted Alienware PCs worth $2,000.

The timeline for the LEAP event is as follows:

  • April 27: The free weekend begins, and submissions open for the #TakeTheLeap challenge.
  • April 30: The free weekend ends, but submissions for the challenge remain open. Players can continue playing LEAP for free on Steam or take advantage of a 50% discount on Xbox or PlayStation.
  • May 3: The final day to post clips for the #TakeTheLeap challenge.
  • May 8: Winners of the challenge will be announced, and their winning clips will be shared on CurseForge's social media platforms. Additionally, each winner will receive a brand-new $2,000 Alienware PC, taking their gaming experience to new heights.

The participating servers in the #TakeTheLeap challenge offer a variety of exhilarating gameplay experiences, ensuring that players can find their preferred style of play. The servers include:

  1. The Hell Of The Mercenaries: Can you win while the floor is lava? Fight your opponents and the environment.
  2. LEAP Hardpoint: Weapons are changed for everyone every 2:30 minutes based on player votes.
  3. OnlyDragons: Take to the sky and ride an epic dragon in a brutal fight for aerial domination.
  4. Fiesta by th_mrow: Spawn with a random loadout and vehicle every time you die. Adapt and survive!
  5. Snipers VS Runners by th_mrow: The ultimate showdown between a team of rushers and campers with sniper rifles.
  6. One in the Chamber by th_mrow: Start with one bullet. Each hit kills and earns you another bullet. Don't get stuck without ammo!

Please visit the official LEAP x Curseforge #TakeTheLeap event web page for more details.