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LEGO partner with SEGA for Sonic Mania set

The blue hedgehog is set to get his own LEGO
LEGO partner with SEGA for Sonic Mania set
The LEGO Group has confirmed the upcoming launch of a new set based on Sonic the Hedgehog, with the set to be released through its's LEGO Ideas program.

One of the two sets has been created by Viv Grannell, a 24-year-old girl who in 2020 sent her idea to LEGO, and will now work together with them and SEGA, to create a set inspired by Sonic Mania, the 2017 game released on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The set will be located in the Green Hill Zone, one of the most iconic levels in the hedgehog-led franchise, and although the original design proposed by Granell will be modified, it will continue to retain the essence of both the winning idea and the game itself.

Sonic Lego
The Green Hill Zone has featured in every Sonic game. (Picture: SEGA)

This announcement has been well received by the fans of the franchise, in what is set to be a special year for the iconic game which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

For now, there is no release date or confirmed price for the Sonic set, however, The LEGO Group has confirmed that the set will have around 700 pieces, a figure that may vary as its development progresses.