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Lineage W: Release date in Europe and North America

When is Lineage W coming to Europe and the Americas? The popular MMO has been successfully launched in the East Asia region, but fans from the West are eager to find out when is Lineage W coming to other regions and platforms.
Lineage W: Release date in Europe and North America

Lineage W, the fifth major title in the hugely popular Lineage franchise of MMO games, was successfully launched this November in East Asia, and fans elsewhere are now left waiting for when they will get a chance to play the MMORPG in their region.

Lineage W, which borrows the design elements from the first two Lineage games and reinvigorates them for the modern MMO standards, is currently available in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South East Asia, Russia, and some parts of Middle Asia. Still, the developers behind the Lineage and Guild Wars games are not planning on stopping there, as they know how beloved their games are in the rest of the world.

So, when will Lineage W become available for the rest of the world? Let's take a look at what we know.

When will Lineage W become available in Europe, North America, and other regions?

Lineage W release date in Europe and North America
NCSoft emphasizes that the focus of Lineage W is on a global market, with the letter "W" representing the word "World". (Picture: NCSoft)

Lineage W was launched on 4th November 2021 for iOS, Android and PC via NCSoft's Purple platform.

Unfortunately, if you residing in Europe or North America and try to visit the game's page on Purple, you will be greeted with a message saying that the "games are currently not available in your area".

For the global market, NCSoft usually releases their games via Steam, like their other massively popular MMO, Guild Wars 2.

Given that Lineage W is a multiplatform game, available both on mobile and PC, with a goal to have "a single build for the global market to create a global battle community", we are not sure at this moment if the game will be released on Steam or via some other platform, but the developers have confirmed that it will be available in regions worldwide.

Lineage W release date in Europe and North America
The game will become available worldwide later this year, while the console release is slated for 2022. (Picture: NCSoft)

At the moment, the exact global release date hasn't been confirmed yet, but the studio has stated that it will happen sometime this year, and if they keep the promise, that means at some point in November or December 2021. There are reports coming from Russian sources that the game will become available on Android and iOS in Europe on 24th November 2021, but this is currently unconfirmed information.

In addition, the studio also confirmed that they are planning to release the game on consoles, namely the Nintendo Switch and PS5, which is scheduled to happen sometime in 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of NCSoft