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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - How to find Secret Island on Jungle Map

This guide explains how to get to the Secret Island on the new Jungle map in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - How to find Secret Island on Jungle Map

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive new expansion to Capcom's original popular RPG title, boasting improved gameplay, a new menu of monsters and weapons, and an all-new Master Rank questline.

In addition, MHR Sunbreak boasts two new locales: the Citadel, centered around the desolate ruins of an old castle, and the Jungle, teeming with Mesozoic monsters. However, unbeknownst to many, there is also a third Secret Island in the game.

This guide will explain how to find the Secret Island on the new Jungle map in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, an area that will likely be an important location to find rare relics in the release version of the game.

How to locate Secret Island in MHR Sunbreak

mhr sunbreak how to get to secret island jungle map
Navigate to the large cliff face near Area 1 on the Jungle map. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

To find the Secret Island, you'll need to navigate to the large cliff face on the eastern part of the Jungle map, near Area 1. When you reach the cliff face, climb up until you reach the top.

Once you've summited the cliff, look around for an oddly positioned pile of rocks. By inspecting these rocks more closely, you should notice more oddities hidden beneath them in the cracks. Next, plant a Barrel Bomb next to the stones and destroy them.

how to get to secret island jungle map mhr sunbreak
Use a Barrel Bomb to destroy the rocks. (Picture: YouTube / Blunty)

Once the stones are destroyed, you'll find an opening in the cliff leading to what appears to be a hidden cave, which you navigate down. In the cave, you'll find Jewel Lilies and a location where you can place a Great Wirebug.

After planting one down, the Great Wirebug will hoist you into the air, sending you toward the Secret Island located off the northwest coast of the Jungle map.

Note: This trip will use 3 Great Wirebugs, so remember to press the relevant action button so you don't fall.

secret island great wirebug mhr sunbreak
The Great Wirebug will lead you to the Secret Island. (Picture: YouTube / Blunty)

On the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you won't find anything interesting located here apart from a rare Mining Node and Turtle Endemic. However, this will likely become an important spot to find rare lore-based relics later in the game.

mhr sunbreak secret island jungle map location rewards relics
You will find a few resources on the Secret Island in MHR Sunbreak. (Picture: YouTube / Blunty)

When you are ready, you can return to the main map at any time using the Great Wirebug, which will drop you in the northwestern part of the Jungle map.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Blunty and Capcom.