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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date, Time, Demo, And More

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date, time and demo details you need to know about.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date, Time, Demo, And More

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a huge expansion that brings plenty of content for players to dive back into, and the full release date isn't far away now. Now that the demo is also available, there are only about two weeks left before everyone can get their hands on some new monsters.

Both the demo and the full expansion will be available in June, so you still have time to prepare and try out the game if you haven't already. For those that are brand new, there is also a sale on the base game of Monster Hunter Rise in anticipation of a new set of monsters and locales.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date And Time

Three Lords Sunbreak
Take on the Three Lords in Sunbreak. (Picture: Capcom)

Whether you are starting a new character or continuing your own journey, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion will be available to everyone by the end of June. The official release date is 30th June 2022. That gives everyone just over two weeks to get prepared before facing the Three Lords.

There was speculation in the past that the Nintendo Switch would be the first platform to get access to Sunbreak, and PC players would have to wait. However, that's not the case, and the expansion can already be pre-purchased on Steam. Xbox and PlayStation users will have to sit out of Monster Hunter Rise entirely though.

Until the official release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can purchase the game for about half price at $30. This won't cover Sunbreak though, and the expansion must be purchased separately. Sunbreak will cost $39.99 on all platforms, regardless of owning the base game or not.

As with most games, there is also a deluxe edition that can be purchased for fans who really want it. The cost will be $50 for layered armors, new gestures, and additional customization features.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo details

Monster Hunter Demo
Play the demo before the official release of the expansion. (Picture: Capcom)

While everyone waits for the full expansion release, a brand new demo was announced at the Capcom Showcase. The demo for Sunbreak became available on June 14th, and will likely be available for some time afterward so new players can test out the content for themselves.

There are four major quests that can be played in the demo, starting with the Great Izuchi at the beginner level. Tetranadon follows at an intermediate-level quest. The last two monsters available to fight are Astalos and Malzeno, both of which are part of Sunbreak.

And that's all. For more on Monster Hunter and industry news, head to our section dedicated to video game news, updates, guides, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.