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Microsoft acquires esports platform Smash.gg

The site is one of the most used tools for tournament organisers across different esports, being the go-to for the FGC and Smash communities in particular.
Smash.gg, the esports site that made a name for itself providing tournament organisers a free-to-use tool to easily keep track of tournament brackets and event progression has been acquired by Microsoft. 

There was no announcement of any kind via social media, instead, users that navigated the website found a quick message on Smash.gg's homepage. 

"Since we started in 2015, our goal has been to build active esports scenes around the games people love to play. Today we’re excited to take the next step in that journey by joining Microsoft to help strengthen our existing relationships and explore new opportunities. Smash.gg will continue as a self-service esports platform available to tournament organizers from all game communities," the statement reads.

smash gg
Smash.gg is partnered with companies like Twitch, BeyondTheSummit, and more (Image: Twitch)

While the most common use for Smash.gg is that of tournament organising, the site offers plenty of options for T.Os to bring awareness to their events as they aim to continuously support grassroots or community-driven competitions.

Some of the advantages include being able to request unique branding tailored for specific events or logistical help for those looking to expand the reach of their tournaments.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has halted the majority of offline competitions, Smash.gg has arguably become an even more important instrument, especially for the fighting game and Smash communities, as keeping track of online brackets can be a treacherous nightmare.

It's unclear how will Microsoft will support Smash.gg moving forward, and until they release some sort of statement, we can only speculate and hope it benefits the entirety of esports.