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New Dota: Dragon's Blood trailer features EDM star Basshunter

One of Dota’s oldest memes has returned in the form of a trailer for Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Swedish EDM star Basshunter returns with an updated music video dedicated to Dota.

Swedish DJ Jonas “Basshunter” Altberg has collaborated with Valve and Netflix to create a new trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The animated series was made available for streaming today on March 25th. The newest trailer reenacts the music video for “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA,” a song about playing Dota with friends online.

Shots of Basshunter and friends ruling the lanes are accompanied by snippets of the new animated series. Prop weapons including Luna’s Glaives and Mirana’s Bow are also shown off by the DJ and his crew. The music video marks a 15 year gap between the original song’s release and now.

Dota 2 Dragon Blood basshunter(Picture: Netflix) 

Basshunter is a commonly requested artist to appear at The International, Dota’s end-of-season event. The original location of The International 10 in Sweden hinted at his return, but the event’s cancellation postponed any EDM shenanigans. 

With the release of the community tutorial and Valve-developed new player experience, Valve seems to anticipate a large influx of new players from Dragon’s Blood. This is further compounded by the new music video’s title; Basshunter Dota Revival.