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New Fable announced for Xbox Series X from Forza Horizon creators

After much speculation, a new Fable is officially on the way from Forza Horizon developers Playground Games.
Fable has been officially announced exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC. 

Described as a “new beginning” for the franchise, the trailer showcases the kind of British whimsy the series is known for - featuring a fairy flying over a luscious landscape before being swallowed by a toad. 

“Not all stories have happy endings, but yours has yet to be written,” a narrator says. 

Fable Xbox
A new Fable is officially on the way (Picture: Microsoft) 

Interestingly, this comes from developer Playground Games - a UK-based studio who have built their reputation on the Forza Horizon series. 

This marks the fourth mainline entry in the Fable series, following Fable III which released way back in 2010. There’s also been numerous spin-offs, including Fable: The Journey for the Kinect. 

No release date was given for Fable, although it will release exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC.