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New Fatal Fury Garou Game Revealed At EVO 2022

Knuckle up for a fight because a brand new Fatal Fury Garou game has just been revealed at EVO 2022.
New Fatal Fury Garou Game Revealed At EVO 2022

Publisher SNK revealed a short trailer announcing a brand-new Fatal Fury game at EVO 2022 this past weekend. For the uninitiated, this popular fighting game series (also known as Garō Densetsu) was first released in 1991 for the NEOGEO cartridge-based game system.

So naturally, veteran video game fans are all about the hype. If this latest announcement regarding Fatal Fury's revival has you as excited as we are, then keep reading to find out everything you need to know about its impending release.

New Fatal Fury Garou Game Revealed At EVO 2022

fatal fury garou new game announced at EVO 2022 fgc
A brand-new Fatal Fury title will punch its way back into the FGC scene. (Picture: SNK)

Rock Howard, the main character of Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, is depicted in a single piece of artwork in the brief trailer clip displayed at the EVO 2022 event. Garou was the last main Fatal Fury game released, so the characters haven't appeared in their series in over 20 years.

Notably, they have continued to appear in other games; this includes brawling in Super Smash Bros. to dating in King of Fighters for Girls (Yes, that's a real thing, and it's pretty awesome). Unfortunately, besides this trailer, there isn't much more about the new Fatal Fury / Garou game.

For example, we don't even know when the new game releases; SNK has remained as covert about this as possible. Still, at least we know for sure that the game has been given the green light and is in development.

A Tweet by SNK on 7th August 2022 reads, "Legends never die… After more than 20 years, Fatal Fury / Garou is coming back! Finally, the long-awaited sequel has been green-lit!". So at least we have confirmation the game is being worked on.

However, one small detail that might warm the hearts of Fatal Fury fans is the signature of Aki Senno (also known as Tonko) appearing on the artwork shown in the clip revealed at EVO 2022. For those who don't know, Tonko is an illustrator who has worked as an artist with SNK for more than 25 years; their work spans King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, and (of course) Fatal Fury.

New Fatal Fury Garou Game Revealed At EVO 2022 Illustrator Tonko also returns
Tonko's signature can be seen in the bottom-right corner of the new Fatal Fury artwork. (Picture: SNK)

Tonko's work on the legendary fighting game brought the artist much fame within the illustration industry. We believe this might be a small hint from the developers that Tonko will return to work on the new title. Many fans will be relieved by this, as the series will more closely resemble the original art style and flair that Tonko brought to the game.

Given the limited knowledge we have, and in the absence of an official title (it's just called "New Fatal Fury / Garou"), all we can do is wait for more information from the publisher. With that said, we will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

And that's all. For more content, check out our section dedicated to the latest video game news, guides, tips, and more. 


Featured Image courtesy of SNK Playmore.