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New Halo Infinite toy set possibly leaks major story spoiler

A Mega Bloks set could have potentially ruined a key plot point for Halo Infinite, upsetting fans on social media.
Halo Infinite is set to be the killer app once the Xbox Series X hits the market. Sadly for fans, leaks via toy sets from company Mega Bloks keep potentially spoiling the story, with a new one possibly revealing the death of a major character.

Potential spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk.


Halo Infinite Mega Bloks Spoilers

In a recent post shared on the Halo subreddit, a photo of the latest Mega Construx Defense Point set included figures of Master Chief and a brute called Hyperious. 

If you look closely at the brute's shoulder pad, he's carrying Spartan Locke's helmet. Locke was a co-protagonist of the previous title, Halo 5: Guardians, and was a major part of the marketing campaign leading up to the game, which included a short mini-series called Halo: Nightfall.

Of course, the fate of Spartan Locke is a mystery, but many fans are speculating 343 could opt to kill him following the lukewarm reception of the character in the latest instalment of the Halo franchise.

Take a look at the picture below:

Halo infinite toy set story mega bloks
(Picture: Mega Bloks)


Another key location is also rumoured to have been spoiled by the toymakers, as it appears the Palace of Pain could potentially make its debut on the main game series.

Halo Infinite story toy set
(Picture: 343 Industries) 


What is the Palace of Pain in Halo?

The Palace of Pain is a location that's been referenced heavily in the Halo lore outside of the games. It's a facility in which the Forerunner species experimented with humans and the effects the Flood would have on them. 

In actuality, the Palace of Pain is not a single installation, but rather several Flood research facilities. Released in 2012, the book Halo: Primordium touches on the story of these terrifying buildings.

This is far from the first time a Mega Bloks set has spoiled any information regarding Halo Infinite. The latest instance included the early reveal of The Banished, which would then subsequently be confirmed by the Halo Infinite teaser 343 Industries put out this past June.