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New The Elder Scrolls VI rumours emerge: release date, location, gameplay details and more

While we're all waiting for some official news from Bethesda, there are some leaks that might sound close to the truth.
New The Elder Scrolls VI rumours emerge: release date, location, gameplay details and more

The Elder Scrolls VI was officially announced during the Bethesda's E3 2018 show. And since then - nothing.

The teaser trailer shown above was basically just a way for Bethesda to reassure their fans that the game is there, it is in the works, and we will get it eventually. It was a smart move both to stop with the rumours and to relax fans in order to accept their other projects more openly. But the problematic part of this strategy is the lack of any information since then. Almost two full years and not a single official statement regarding the game. The only thing we know is that it will come out after Starfield, another big next-gen game from Bethesda.

This is a perfect field for the rise of all kind of claims from various people saying they have some insider info. Most of these claims are usually false, and only trolling or attention-seeking, but some of them might just be credible enough to be worthy of taking a look. That's the case with the leak we will present to you below. 

A few days ago, user Throwaway13579 made a topic on Elder Scrolls Fandom, where he wrote about some really interesting stuff regarding the Elder Scrolls VI. Why is his case more interesting than some others? Because he verified his claims by sending NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to moderators who confirmed the existence of it. He might have forged it, or it is simply fake, but moderators are saying that it looks legit.

With that in mind, take the information presented below with a big grain of salt, but at least consider it as plausible.

 The info he shared is about the setting, stories, and a little bit about the mechanics of TES VI. He claims that he's a second-hand source and that he acquired information because of a switch to work from home environment. Here are the key points from his post:

  •  The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall will take place in High Rock and Hammerfell six years after the events of Skyrim.
  •  Hammerfell has a stable political situation, while High Rock is in a state of war between nobilities.
  •  Bethesda wants to use next generation’s hardware to create some huge, epic battle scenes with hundreds of characters battling on-screen in real-time.
  •  Direnni Tower will play a major role in the main questline and will be visible from many places on the map.
  •  Bethesda intends to build off of vehicle mechanics developed for Starfield to allow players to traverse the Iliac Bay in ships. There will be several different ships to buy and some very light customization for them.
  •  Daggerfall will be the biggest city Bethesda has ever built. 
  •  More unique and interesting quests is also a priority.
  • Release in Q4 2024.

For more details about these topics, take a look at the original post from the supposed leaker.