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Oculus VR Founder Creates VR Headset That Can Kill You If You Die In A Game

Oculus Rift VR founder and creator Palmer Luckey has created a literal Sword Art Online-inspired VR headset that kills the user if they die in-game.
Oculus VR Founder Creates VR Headset That Can Kill You If You Die In A Game

Oculus Rift virtual reality platform founder and creator Palmer Luckey has done the unthinkable after inventing a VR headset named NerveGear that kills the user if they die in-game. Quite literally an inspiration from the iconic anime series Sword Art Online, Luckey has created a headset rigged with explosive charges that detonate if a player dies in-game. 

For those that don't know about Sword Art Online, the anime series was initially released in July 2012 and has since become one of the most widely-enjoyed shows in the world. The series explores a set of characters venturing through a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game where if a player dies, they die in real life too. These characters must face enemies, level up, and attempt to return to reality by defeating the boss, which is also secretly the developer of the game itself.

sword art online
Sword Art Online was released in July 2012.

That said, Luckey recreated the iconic VR headset these characters wore in Sword Art Online, which quite literally was called NerveGear. In the series, the NerveGear headsets had small microwave devices that fried the user's brain if they died in-game or had the peripheral device removed forcefully.

Luckey stated that they couldn't replicate Sword Art Online's NerveGear perfectly, but the VR oculus founder got crafty and made some adjustments to completely develop a literal headset that can kill someone if they died in-game.

Luckey stated, "I used three of the explosive charge modules I usually use for a different project, tying them to a narrow-band photosensor that can detect when the screen flashes red at a specific frequency, making game-over integration on the part of the developer very easy.  When an appropriate game-over screen is displayed, the charges fire, instantly destroying the brain of the user."

Not to worry anyone, though. This headset is one of a kind, and there's only a single version of it available. It was created in celebration of the Sword Art Online "incident," but isn't being sold to the masses, well, not in the future, hopefully. That said, Luckey stated that it's just a "piece of office art, a thought-provoking reminder of unexplored avenues in game design."

For more information about this peculiar and oddly hilarious creation, feel free to visit Luckey's website, where they dive deeper into the VR headset.

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Featured image courtesy of WordPress via Palmer Luckey.