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Path of Exile Royale Showdown: How to watch, schedule, prizes, format and more

Twitch Rivals returns with the Path of Exile Royale Showdown, here is everything you need to know.
Path of Exile Royale Showdown: How to watch, schedule, prizes, format and more

Path of Exile may not strike you as the most suitable game for the Twitch Rivals treatment but if we have learned anything in the last twelve months is that you people can enjoy anything when it involves throwing their favourite content creators against each other and with a tasty prize pool on offer.

The event will see 100 players battle it in what is reffered to as the "match point" format. Essentially after the first six games, the 1st placed team's points total will be used as the "match point". Any team that comes 1st in a subsequent game and has a higher total points total than the match point will win. This can continue for three more games, if no winner is decided the total points total across all ten games will be used.

Twitch Rivals Path of exile
Path of Exile has been out since 2013 and continues to keep fans engaged. (Picture: Grinding Gears Games)

The one-day event will have a $30,000 prize pool, with the winner taking home $4,000. There are also a number of cosmetics that players can win with the 1st place team winning six outfits.

How to watch the Twitch Rivals Path of Exile Showdown

The Path of Exile Royale Showdown will take place on 28th October at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EST / 9 pm BST.

It will be broadcast on the Twitch Rivals channel which we have embdeed for you below.


  • Gameplay
    • Private lobby
    • Players must download a custom client that will be provided by GGG along with associated account information
  • Format
    • Players earn points over a series of games using the “match point” format.
      • Match point threshold: Point total of 1st place player after game 6
      • Match point win condition begins on game 7
      • 10 games maximum - if no winner by match point then results are just based on points
    • Points
Placement Points   Placement Points   Placement Points
1st 20   7th 14   21st-25th 6
2nd 19   8th 13   26th-35th 4
3rd 18   9th 12   36th-50th 3
4th 17   10th 11   51st-75th 2
5th 16   11th-15th 10   76th-100th 1
6th 15   16th-20th 8      
  • Points tiebreakers
    • Most Victories
    • Average Kills per Game
    • Average Placement per Game
    • Placement in the last Game of the Tournament


Placement Cash Prize MTX Prize   Placement Cash Prize MTX Prize
1st $4,000 6 outfits   7th-10th $700 Revenant Armour, Revenant Wings, Revenant Sword
2nd $2,500 5 outfits   11th-15th $440 Revenant Armour, Revenant Wings
3rd $2,000 4 outfits   16th-25th $300 Revanent Armour
4th $1,500 3 outfits   26th-50th $200 Revenant Wings
5th-6th $1,000 2 outfits   51st-100th $100 Dark Magic Helmet


Currently, no competitors have been announced though expect some content creators to be involved, with all involved streaming their POV on their Twitch channels.


Featured image courtesy of Grinding Gear Games.