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Phil Spencer Says Xbox Will Not "Out-Console" Nintendo Or Sony

Phil Spencer claims that focusing on its ecosystem is more important than "out-consoling" Nintendo and Sony.
Phil Spencer Says Xbox Will Not "Out-Console" Nintendo Or Sony

Throughout the years, Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox were always in competition with each other over having the best consoles and the best games available for those consoles. Because of that, all three companies improved their consoles and their selection of games dramatically. Now is the best time to get into video games due to the fact that there are so many good games out and available now.

Phil Spencer is one of the heads of Xbox. Recently, he had an interview with Kinda Funny Games and everything he has talked about in that interview has been interesting. He talked about how much of a failure Redfall was and he also spoke about Nintendo and Sony. He claims that Xbox is not trying to "out-console" Sony and Nintendo.

Phil Spencer Speaks About Nintendo And Sony

Phil Spencer does not want to focus on competing with Nintendo and Sony. (Picture: Nintendo)

During the interview with Kinda Funny, Phil Spencer talked about Nintendo and Sony as they are considered to be the competition of Xbox. Interestingly enough, Phil Spencer admits that compared to Nintendo and Sony, Xbox has fallen behind and is in third place in the competition. Although that is the case, Phil still wants Xbox to be a premier console that players are proud to own.

Phil says that instead of trying to compete with Nintendo and Sony in terms of consoles, he wants everyone to focus on the Xbox ecosystem. This includes the games that are available for both Xbox consoles and PCs as well. He wants to give everyone "a great experience" with the games that are coming out from Xbox.

What Is Next To Come For Xbox

Console Wars
Phil Spencer wants to focus on the Xbox ecosystem over console wars. (Picture: Sony)

As Phil said, Xbox is currently focusing on its games and the ecosystem that they are building instead of competing with Nintendo and Sony. For example, Starfield is a game that is coming out soon for both Xbox and PC. This is a highly anticipated game due to the fact that it is being made by the same developers who made Skyrim.

However, this could also be concerning for those who are interested in the game. Redfall was also an Xbox and PC exclusive and it completely flopped. Hopefully, the team that is developing Starfield took lessons from what happened with Redfall an delivers a game that people can be excited for.