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Platform Iitch.io launches "Games to help you stay inside" page with a bunch of free games

Yet another platform is coming to provide free games during the crisis.

If you're a fan of smaller and experimental indie games, you have probably heard about portal Itch.io, one of the best places for small indie developers to publish and distribute their games.

Games there are often really cheap, and usually not your typical indie game, but mostly some wired, experimental stuff, demos, proofs of concept, and similar things. But you can absolutely find some exciting and engaging games there!

And now, Iitch.io launched a special page called "Games to help you stay inside" where they offer a plethora of selected titles that are either free or very cheap to buy.

There are 77 games listed there, most of them are entirely free, while some of them cost no more then a couple of bucks. You can find the page by following this link, and see if there's anything that sparks your interest.


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