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PlayStation 5 Activities feature allows you launch specific parts of a game

A new quality-of-life PS5 UI feature will allow players to run specific parts of a game without launching it first.
PlayStation 5 Activities feature allows you launch specific parts of a game

Sony has revealed a lot about the PlayStation 5 so far, including some excellent games, the fantastic design, and the controller. While we expect to see the PS5 User Interface (UI) sometime in August via a State of Play, a new UI feature has been mentioned, called PlayStation 5 Activities.


PlayStation 5 Activities feature revealed

The new PS5 UI feature, thanks to the console's blistering fast SSD, will allow players to instantly run parts of a game, without actually launching the full game first. This is called PlayStation Activities, which was revealed in a now-removed GameReactor Spain article

In the feature article, GameReactor Spain talks to WRC 9 director Alan Jarniou and product manager Sebastien Waxin. In the article, it is mentioned how thanks to the PlayStation 5 Activities feature, it is possible to load directly into specific parts of a game.

In the article, it is mentioned how the PlayStation 5 Activities feature will “propose instant deeplink links from the start menu to directly access races or parts of the game.”



PlayStation 5 activities feature PS5 UI
The PlayStation 5 (Picture: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 Activities feature has been touched before, but not by name. This happened all the way back in October, where Wired interviewed the lead architect on Sony's next-gen console, Mark Cerny.

In the interview, Mark Cerny mentioned a PS5 UI feature would allow players to "jump right into" whatever they like to, explaining “Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real-time."

Now, we know what Mark Cerny meant by this feature, and its name: PlayStation 5 Activities.

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