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Discord Voice Chat Is Headed To PlayStation Consoles

Discord will soon become integrated with PlayStation 4|5 consoles, according to data miners.
Discord Voice Chat Is Headed To PlayStation Consoles

Discord is easily most gamers' first choice regarding nearly every form of communication in video games. Be it voice, video call, or text messaging, Discord does it all. That said, PlayStation does not officially support the popular voice-over-IP (VoIP) application - until now, that is.

According to a list of string constants for a future Discord build (version 165912) identified by GitHub data miners on 4 January 2023, the popular VoIP application will soon become available for the PlayStation 4 and 5 video game consoles. Based on the titles and descriptions of the string constants, Discord will receive either full or partial integration, depending on the user's PS console.

discord playstation integration
Data miners identified this code in a future build of Discord. (Picture: ThaTiemsz via GitHub)

More specifically, Discord users can connect their accounts to their PlayStation 5 consoles using the application's voice chat capabilities while playing games. However, this feature does not appear to extend to users with a PlayStation 4, who can only display the game they're playing on Discord through a feature called "rich presence."

This is evidenced by the +PS_LINK_SUCCESS_BODY string description, which reads: "Head over to a voice channel to try it out! Chat with Discord voice on your PS5. Show which games you're playing with rich presence, and more." In addition, these users can transfer a voice call to their PlayStation 5, routing audio input and output through the chosen console. Discord will also display the games that users play on the PlayStation 5.

discord voice chat for playstation
Discord will soon become available for PlayStation 4 and 5. (Picture: ThaTiemsz via GitHub)

It's worth noting that this news should not be surprising, especially when considering that Discord partnered with PlayStation on 3 May 2021. Following this partnership, the company rolled out an update to allow users to link their PlayStation Network (PSN) account in January last year. That said, you'll need to connect your PSN and Discord accounts to use the Discord voice chat feature.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though the Discord x PlayStation integration will include screen sharing; however, it is possible that PS users could see such features (and more) roll out following Discord voice chat's official launch on the PlayStation 5.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments. Until then, you might like to read this article about how to connect Discord to your Xbox console.